Transforming Visions – Art by Emerging Talents

Sophia Bakos, Jia Liu, Anja Nov, Quinton Qiu, Ji Su, Rebecca Wang 王晨釔, and Yunhan Wang


Opening Feb 22, 2024 7-9pm


Exhibition: Feb 22 – Mar 27, 2024

This thought-provoking exhibition showcases the innovative works of seven emerging talents from the Metro-Vancouver area: Anja Nov, Jia Liu, Ji Su, Quinton Qiu, Rebecca Wang, Sophia Bakos, and Yunhan Wang. Through a diverse array of mediums including photography, sculpture, installation, collage, illustration, and painting, Transforming Visions invites visitors to explore the nuanced relationship between the aesthetic and the thematic, the beautiful and the profound.

Exhibition Highlights:

Anja Nov merges traditional pen illustration with digital coloring techniques to create evocative images that explore the sensuality of the natural world, dreams, and subconscious feelings.

Jia Liu delves into the mysteries of existence, utilizing oil, watercolors, and acrylics to paint the paradoxical coexistence of body and soul, life and death, tangibility and abstraction.

Ji Su leverages digital illustration and conceptual art to confront and dissect humanity, psychology, and the social fabric that binds and divides us.

Quinton Qiu reflects on personal emotions and societal structures, examining the impact of power and authority on individual perception through his interactive installations.

Rebecca Wang captures the essence of isolation and its effect on personal space and consumer culture, turning mundane objects into subjects of deep contemplation.

Sophia Bakos addresses sexual harm and resilience through a blend of analog portraiture and textile art, employing feminine colors and textures to navigate the complexities of girlhood and memory.

Yunhan Wang creates a vibrant, escapist universe of orbs and blobs, offering viewers a whimsical respite from everyday pressures through her lively installations.

Transforming Visions is more than an exhibition; it is an invitation to engage, reflect, and connect. By juxtaposing light and whimsical imagery with deeply personal and societal themes, the artists challenge us to reconsider our preconceptions about art and its capacity to communicate complex emotions and ideas. This exhibition not only highlights the diversity of mediums and techniques employed by emerging artists but also underscores the gallery’s commitment to fostering a dialogue around the transformative power of contemporary art.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the unique perspectives and visionary works of these promising artists. Transforming Visions is an opportunity to witness firsthand the evolving landscape of contemporary art and the role it plays in reflecting and shaping our collective experience.