Yunhan Wang – Biography

Yunhan Wang is an illustrator and ceramic artist born in Qingdao, China, and currently resides in North Vancouver, BC. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in Beijing before pursuing her Master of Fine Arts in Illustration Practice at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in Baltimore. Following her studies, Han spent a transformative year in Brooklyn, New York, working as an artist assistant for artists she admired, immersing herself in the vibrant art scene and gaining valuable experience before relocating to Vancouver. Presently, she dedicates her time to both teaching art to young students and creating hand built ceramics in her studio.

王韵涵 – 简介


Yunhan Wang – Artist Statement

Han’s work is an invitation to experience the artist’s ongoing dialogue with the world around her, drawing inspiration from daily life, personal connections, and a roster of admired artists.

The ceramic trees, orbs, and blobs encapsulate her encounters with Vancouver’s natural landscape, particularly the protective and enduring qualities of trees she admires.

In a collection of ceramic lighters, Han explores the dual nature of these everyday objects—private and unique to the user, yet transient and often shared in communal settings. Han extends the form of the lighters to other objects that punctuate everyday life while maintaining their true lighter size. This deliberate sizing prompts a captivating exploration of the interactions between the audience and these transformed objects.

The exhibition also includes a series of ceramic figurines inspired by her experiences teaching life drawing classes at a local art school.

The artist’s approach to her craft is characterized by an unwavering commitment to learning, experimentation, and, above all, having fun in the studio. Han emphasizes the tactile and sensory aspects of working with clay, viewing the process as a form of therapy that goes beyond the visual realm. While drawing remains a foundational element, the real magic unfolds when she translates two-dimensional sketches into three-dimensional sculptures.

王韵涵 – 艺术家陈述


Yunhan Wang – CV


Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), 2020

MFA, Illustration Practice

Central Academy of Fine Art, 2017

BFA, Children’s Book Design


Exhibition & Award

New Works by Han, Solo show at Slice of Life, 2023

“FAMILIAR FACES”, Group show at The Art Shop, 2023

HEYTHERE Gallery Summer Spectacular Exhibition, 2020

“TOMORROW” MICA&SVA Illustration Grad Show, 2020, Shanghai China

ILLOEVO Online Grad Show, 2020

MICA MFA Illustration Practice Image Harvest Show, 2019, Baltimore, MD

Vancouver Art Book Fair, 2019, Vancouver, BC

MICA MFA Illustration Practice Image Harvest Show, 2018, Baltimore, MD

MICA Mixed Media Book Design Show, 2018, Baltimore, MD

The Start of A Long Journey, The 8th Exhibition of Outstanding Works by Graduates from Key Art Institutions of Higher Education in China, 2017, Dalian, China

The Independent Picture Book Festival, 2017, Beijing

The 3rd China Children’s Book Expo, 2017, Beijing

BOOK, an Alternative Press Expo, 2017, Vancouver, BC

The Fine Sketch Exhibition, Central Academy of Fine Arts, 2016, Xiamen & Shenzhen

Bananafish Books Tour, 2016, China

The Permanent Collection of CAFA Art Museum for Graduation Design “Go Skiing”, 2017

The 8th Hsin Yi Picture Book Award for “Go Skiing”, 2017

The 1st Prize for Outstanding Works, Central Academy of Fine Arts, 2014