Rebecca Wang – Artist Biography & Artist Statement


Rebecca Wang 王晨釔 is an artist and curator based on the unceded territories of the  Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh nations, also known as Vancouver, Canada,  and in her hometown Hangzhou, China. Her multidisciplinary and curatorial practices  investigate the absurdity ingrained in the structures that uphold the everyday which is  often characterized by capitalist consumer culture. Through nuanced personal,  communal, and fictional narratives, she hopes to destabilize the default ways of  knowing, perceiving, and existing that disconnect one from their belongings and  surroundings. Rebecca exhibited with Capture Photography Festival in 2021 and 2022  and was featured twice in BROAD photography magazine. She curated Conditional  Belonging, a multi-media group exhibition at Access Gallery, in 2021. In 2022, she  participated in BAiR Emerging at Banff Centre, co-hosted the BIPOC Artist Research  Cohort with EartHand Gleaners, and co-produced podcast In Tanglemnt with  Cinevolution Media Arts Society.

Rebecca holds a BFA from Emily Carr University of Art + Design, a BBA from Simon  Fraser University, and is currently a MA candidate in Critical and Curatorial Studies at  University of British Columbia. She currently works as the Curatorial Assistant at  Richmond Art Gallery, a Senior Program facilitator with Carnegie Community Centre,  and serves as the Board Secretary at Access Gallery.

Rebecca Wang 王晨釔 – 艺术家简介 + 自述


王晨釔是⼀位常驻加拿⼤温哥华和家乡杭州的艺术家和策展⼈,她的艺术及策展实践围绕海外移⺠的离散⽂化和资本主义语境下的消费主义展开,讨论⽇常⽣活中⼀些鲜少被质疑却略显荒谬的常态。通过在作品中体现微妙的个⼈、社区和半虚构的故事,她希望打破⼈们与那些“常态”之间的默认关系,引发⼈们对环境感知、存在⽅式以及归属感的思考。王晨釔于2021、2022年连续参与温哥华Capture攝影节群展,作品曾两次刊登于《BROAD》摄影杂志。2021年,她的个⼈策展项⽬《有条件的归属感》在温哥华通路画廊展出。2022年,她参加了班芙艺术中⼼驻地艺术家计划、策划了⼤地之⼿环保艺术BIPOC艺术家研究⼯作坊、并与Cinevolution媒体艺术协会联合制作了播客《In Tanglemnt》。


Rebecca Wang – CV



University of British Columbia 2022- MA in Critical and Curatorial Studies

Emily Carr University of Art + Design BFA in Visual Arts, Minor in Curatorial  Practice 2016-2021

Simon Fraser University

BBA, Area of Concentration: Finance,  Joint Major in Economics 2007-2012



Entangled Embodiment 2024  AHVA Gallery

Transforming Visions 2024  Lipont Gallery

Rituals 811 Gallery 2023-2024

ArtRich 2023 2023  Richmond Art Gallery

What Do We Know? Hatch Gallery 2023

Home (Capture Photography Festival) 2022  560 Gallery

Facing Reality 2022

Conditional Belonging (curator) 2021  Access Gallery

Making Home Fort Gallery 2021  The Show Emily Carr University 2021

Revision (Capture Photography Festival) 2021  ECU Faculty Gallery

ECU Climate Action Exhibition 2020

@ecu_climate_action (co-curator)

I Spy with My Little Lens… 2020  UNIT/PITT

Tonics for What Ails 2020  @QuaranTonics

THAT’S HOT 2020 Maladjusted Collective

Local Hubs of Creativity (curator) 2019  Emily Carr University Library

Inaugural Exhibition 2019 Maladjusted Collective



Banff Artist in Residence Emerging 2022

BMO 1ST ART! Nomination 2021

The Lind Prize Nomination 2021



“Grandma’s Vegetable Garden” 2023  Chinatown Stories Vol. 5

BROAD Magazine Rituals Issue 2023

In Tanglement 2022 Cinevolution Media Arts Society

I SPY Catalogue UNIT/PITT 2022

BROAD Magazine Home Issue 2022

Arts Report 2021  CiTR DiSCORDER 101.9 FM

Our Work Is These Conversations 2021 Access Gallery

Mapping East Van with Mickey Morgan 2021

Oppenheimer Park — A Historical Place for the Displaced 2020

Rebecca Wang 王晨釔 – CV



英属哥伦比亚大学 2022- 批判与策展硕⼠

艾米丽·卡尔艺术与设计大学 2016-2021 视觉艺术学⼠,辅修策展

西⻔菲沙大学 2007-2012 ⼯商管理学⼠,经济学双主修




《Entangled Embodiment》 AHVA画廊 2024

《转换视野》 ⼒邦美术馆 2024

《Rituals》 811画廊 2023-2024

《ArtRich 2023》 列治⽂美术馆 2023

《What Do We Know?》 Hatch画廊 2023

《Home》 560画廊 (Capture摄影节) 2022

Facing Reality》 2022

《有条件的归属感》 通路画廊 (策展⼈) 2021

《Making Home》 Fort画廊 2021

《The Show》 2021  艾⽶丽·卡尔艺术与设计⼤学

《Revision》 (Capture摄影节) 2021  艾⽶丽·卡尔艺术与设计⼤学Faculty美术馆

《ECU Climate Action Exhibition》 2020

《I Spy with My Little Lens…》 2020  UNIT/PITT

《Tonics for What Ails》 2020 @QuaranTonics

《THAT’S HOT》 2020 Maladjusted Collective

《Local Hubs of Creativity》 (策展⼈) 2019  艾⽶丽·卡尔艺术与设计⼤学图书馆

《Inaugural Exhibition》 2019 Maladjusted Collective



班芙艺术中⼼新晋艺术家驻留项⽬ 2022

BMO 1ST ART! 提名 2021

The Lind Prize 提名 2021



《Ministry of Counting Sheep》 2024

《婆婆的花园》 《唐⼈街故事》第五卷 2023

《BROAD》摄影杂志 Rituals Issue 2023

《In Tanglement》 2022

《I SPY Catalogue》 UNIT/PITT 2022

《BROAD》摄影杂志 Home Issue 2022

《Arts Report》 CiTR DiSCORDER 101.9 FM 2021

《Our Work Is These Conversations》 2021

《Mapping East Van》 Mickey Morgan主持 2021

Oppenheimer Park — A Historical Place 2020  for the Displaced》2020