Anja Nov – Artist Biography

Anja Novkovic is a Croatian-Canadian artist/geographer based in Greater Vancouver. Her illustrative, design, and sculptural work focuses on human connections with place, both natural and built; her most recent work blurs the boundary between Mediterranean plants and the human body. Anja’s “Ode to the Garden City Lands” illustrations have been featured in the City of Richmond’s Public Art Program as posters (2021) and art wraps (2023-present). In 2020, she won the COHDS Award of Distinction in Oral History for her illustrated maps of a Montreal alleyway in “Alley Atlas”. She is currently working on a multimedia collection on diaspora.

Anja Nov – 艺术家简介

Anja Novkovic 是一位居住在大温哥华地区的克罗地亚裔加拿大艺术家/地理学家。 她的插画、设计和雕塑作品侧重于人类与自然和建筑场所的联系; 她最近的作品模糊了地中海植物和人体之间的界限。 Anja 的“花园城市颂歌”插图已作为海报(2021 年)和艺术包装(2023 年至今)出现在加拿大列治文市公共艺术计划中。 2020 年,她凭借在《小巷地图集》中描绘蒙特利尔小巷的插图地图,获得了 COHDS 口述历史杰出奖。 她目前正在制作有关侨民的多媒体作品集。

Anja Nov – Artist Statement

“Seeds” is an exploration of human sensuality in all its joys, darkness, softness, and humour. Sensuality-our ability to experience ourselves and the world around us through taste, touch, sound, sight, or smell—is both what make us human and what ties us to the earth. Using fruits predominantly grown in my native Croatia, I traverse my sensual relationship with the Adriatic coast, constantly returning to the ways it resides in my body. As I do, the line between person and fruit quickly begins to blur, uncovering sentience in unlikely places. Harnessing the symbolic power of plants, these works invite the viewer to reflect on their own relationship to their sensual nature, asking again and again, “What do I feel?”.

Anja Nov  – 艺术家陈述

《种子》是对人类性感的探索,包括欢乐、黑暗、温柔和幽默。 感性——我们通过味觉、触觉、声音、视觉或嗅觉来体验我们自己和周围世界的能力——既是我们成为人类的原因,也是我们与地球联系在一起的原因。 我使用主要在我的家乡克罗地亚种植的水果,穿越我与亚得里亚海海岸的感官关系,不断回到它在我体内的存在方式。 正如我所做的那样,人与水果之间的界限很快开始模糊,在意想不到的地方发现了感知。 这些作品利用植物的象征力量,邀请观众反思自己与感性本性的关系,一次又一次地问“我的感觉是什么?”。