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Sophia Bakos is a fibre artist, painter, and fifth year student of Studio Arts at Montreal’s Concordia University. She made her artistic debut in Vancouver with the James Black Gallery’s exhibition of Quickie (2018), and has since exhibited with the Womenswork.art Gallery in Poughkeepsie. Recently Bakos has begun working with Lipont Gallery, B.C. and participated in the 2021 Parker Art Salon.


索菲亚·巴科斯是一名纤维艺术家、画家和蒙特利尔康考迪亚大学艺术工作室的五年级学生。 她在温哥华的詹姆斯布莱克画廊的 Quickie 展览(2018 年)中首次亮相,此后又在波基普西的 Womenswork.art 画廊展出。 最近,巴科斯开始与温哥华力邦美术馆合作。并参加了2021年派克艺术沙龙。