Virtual View of the Exhibition

Opening: Saturday July 8, 2023 2-4pm


June Yun artist talk: Tuesday June 25 6-7pm.


Exhibition: July 8 – August 4, 2023, M – F 10 -5, Tue 10 – 8


Lipont Gallery is excited to present fine paintings, drawings, editions, and sculpture by local and international artists Fahri Aldin, Paul Chizik, Xizhong He, Alison Keenan, Angela Muellers, Liza Visagie, Guo Yan, and June Yun.

Each of the participating professional artist has decades of practice has excelled in their craft. Fahri Aldin paintings and sculptures “manifest his unique views of human nature but also provokes intuitive emotions that synchronize with facial expressions and ongoing conversation during human interactions.” Paul Chizik addresses the historical importance of landscape painting in his works and makes direct reference to many of the Greats. He juxtaposes rural and urban industrial landscapes in his meticulously executed oil paintings and pastel drawings. Xizhong He depicts his subjects such as humans, landscape and floral in the approach of a fictional reality and streamline brush strokes. The editions displayed in the exhibition are based on his original canvas paintings. They reflect his effort to reserve engineer messages transmitted by visuals besides his visual communication designer career. Alison Keenan has been “creating paintings and murals to manifest her unique views of nature and the mesmerizing avian life of British Columbia; now she also has ventured into creating surrealist paintings and collages inspired by human life, culture, the pandemic and social changes.” Angela Muellers delivers the magnificent west coast landscapes to the audience by her dynamic composition and brilliant colour arrangements. She is also an avid climber and skier. Her paintings are from her own experiences in nature. Liza Visagie has a keen eye for beauty in today’s society. Her extraordinary perspective, skillful and delicate brushstrokes subtly depict and process the daily scenes passing before our eyes, so that we can observe, reflect, and taste the stories and beauty in life, especially during the pandemic. As an environment-conscious person, Guo Yan’s medium to large-scale oil paintings explore the nuanced relationship between humans and the environment through interpretative themes of light and darkness. Mixed media artist June Yun’s recent paintings straddle the line between abstraction and representation. They not only capture the realistic side of the ambiance of the four seasons of Vancouver, but also projects ancient literati’s tastes in dreamy settings that she has created.


开幕:2023年7月8日星期六 14:00 – 16:00

艺术家云媛分享会:2023年7月25日星期二18:00 – 19:00


週一至週五10:00 – 17:00, 週二至20:00, 周末及节假日休息