Surreal Landscapes and Imaginary Worlds

Art by Alison Keenan

Opening Reception: Thursday April 6th 7 – 9pm

Artist-Led Tour: Tuesday April 11th 10 – 11am


Exhibition: April 6 – 28, 2023

Mon – Fri 10 – 5, Tue until 8pm (Closed on April 7th Good Friday Holiday)


Lipont Gallery is excited to present Vancouver-based artist Alison Keenan’s stunning new paintings and collages, collectively named Surreal Landscapes and Imaginary Worlds.

As a professional artist with decades of practice in multi-disciplinary art, Alison Keenan not only has created paintings and murals to manifest her unique views of nature and the mesmerizing avian life of British Columbia; now she also has ventured into creating surrealist paintings and collages inspired by human life, culture, the pandemic and social changes. This new body of work represents her dedicated passion, endeavours, creativity, and skills in building an imaginary world that is filled with surprising details and metaphors underlined by the relationship between nature and human, the reduced social interactions during the pandemic and the evolving material culture.

Besides the Surrealist Landscapes, Avian Fables is an ongoing project that keeps the audiences amazed with the depictions of the magnificent eagles, falcons and other birds in British Columbia from an anthropomorphism approach, through painting and collages. According to Keenan, it is a “breathtakingly beautiful world.”

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开幕:2023年4月6日星期四19:00 – 21:00

艺术家导览:2023年4月11日星期二10:00 – 11:00



週一至週五10:00 – 17:00, 週二至20:00

周末及4月7日Good Friday Holiday休息


温哥华力邦美术馆隆重推出温哥华艺术家艾莉森·基南 (Alison Keenan) 的绘画作品和拼贴画展【超现实风景与虚幻世界】。



Alison Keenan – Artist Biography

Alison Keenan, a multi-disciplinary artist, lived in Burma before returning home to England to complete her art education and later lived in Italy and Egypt where she studied Aubusson and Gobelin Tapestry. In 2008 she graduated from Emily Carr University, Canada and in 2010 she received a Certificate in Liberal Arts from Simon Fraser University. Her portfolio includes national and international exhibitions, awards and murals, an online catalogue, guest speaker, artists residencies and videos.

A member of the female Vancouver-based artist collective, 13 Feet Off the Ground, she has painted murals in Sicily, West Vancouver, Penticton and Los Cabos, Mexico. She recently completed a commissioned 22 ft-wide mural in Yaletown, Vancouver.

艾莉森·基南 – 简介

艾莉森·基南 (Alison Keenan) 是一位涉及多种媒介的加拿大艺术家。她出生于英国并在英国受教育,也曾在缅甸、意大利、埃及生活和进行艺术创作,并研习了 Aubusson 和 Gobelin挂毯工艺。 之后她移居加拿大并于2008 年毕业于加拿大温哥华艾米丽·卡尔艺术大学,于 2010 年获得西门菲沙大学文科证书。 她的艺术生涯里包括国内和国际展览、奖项、壁画、线上画册、演讲、艺术家驻留项目以及影像等。

作为温哥华女性艺术家团体 “离地 13 英尺” 的成员,她曾在意大利西西里岛、加拿大西温哥华、加拿大卑诗省彭蒂克顿和墨西哥洛斯卡沃斯绘制壁画。 她最近在温哥华耶鲁镇完成了一幅 22 英尺宽的壁画。

Alison Keenan – Artist Statement

Surreal Landscapes and Imaginary Worlds invite the viewer into a world of complex paintings and collages created during the recent pandemic of 2020.

The artworks represent an exploration into a changed world where recombined images, social networking, cities, birds and animals, and fragments of visual culture collide. Recycled vintage magazines, maps, photos, patterns, and more gifted ephemera create one-of-a-kind collages.

Five or six elements are visually pleasing to me. A variety of yellows, surreal-looking plants, unusual plants and fish, off-kilter tables with legs and of course glimpses of water or a blue sea.

In my investigation of a changed world the artworks consider the endless summers of landscapes in a dreamlike passage of time mirroring the desire to escape the harsh reality for all.

艾莉森·基南 – 陈述