“Painting is a visual experience concerned with clarifying thought and to awaken in us the simplicity and unity of an impression. I apply traditional oil painting techniques along with investigative and innovative approaches within a modern and contemporary context. The structural and optical challenges of oil painting is at the forefront of my subject matter which ranges from site specific landscapes to narrative based still life. My interest is in documenting the ever changing natural environment by working directly in nature and from my experience of studying various landscapes and cities around the globe.”  – Liza Visagie

Born in Johannesburg, Liza Visagie studied at the University of South Africa before immigrating to Vancouver where she worked in printmaking, which would introduce her to legendary Canadian artists such as Jack Shadbolt and Gordon Smith. This experience would inspire her, in turn, to attend Emily Carr University and dedicate herself to a full-time painting career. Interestingly, she credits her long-term studies with local Vancouver painter Paul Chizik, also featured in this sale, for both elevating her craft and persuading her to adopt a contemporary approach to traditional oil painting techniques.

Visagie’s works consist primarily of landscape painting completed en plein-air; developing her sketches based on the shapes, tones, and colours of her surroundings and then finishing them in her studio. Water’s Edge is a study of a luminous and tranquil body of water juxtaposed with a verdant shore, dark reed and towering trees in the middle ground, underneath billowing clouds. Modelled with heavy impasto strokes which meticulously convey every detail, Visagie works upwards of an entire year on her larger works.

Visagie has exhibited in various group and solo exhibitions both nationally and internationally; her works being collected across Canada, the United States, South Africa, Amsterdam, and Berlin.

Read Liza Visagie’s CV below.



Liza Visa – CV

Born. 1973. Johannesburg. South Africa.


Apprenticeship with oil painter Paul Chizik. Vancouver, Canada. 2001
The Vancouver Academy of Art. Part time studies in oil painting. 1999
ECIAD. Degree in fine arts. Vancouver, Canada. 1994
New Leaf Editions. Apprenticeship as Intaglio Printer. Vancouver, Canada. 1993-1996
Prior Editions. Apprenticeship as Master Printer. Vancouver, Canada. 1992-1995
Malaspina Printmakers Society. Self directed studies. Vancouver, Canada. 1992
UNISA (University of South Africa) Part time studies. 1989-1990
The National School of the Arts (Formerly known as De Kruin Art High School). Johannesburg, South Africa.

Exhibitions and Gallery Representation

2023 July 14-24. Sotheby’s New York, USA
2023 Finalist in 16Th International ARC Salon Competition, Art Renewal Center, USA
2022 Represented by Lipont Gallery in China
2019-2021. Vancouver Fine Art Gallery. BC. Canada
2019. LeSoleil Fine Art Gallery. Vancouver. BC. Canada
2018. Chromatic Light. Plein-air Painting in Canada. Italian Cultural Museum. Vancouver, BC. Canada.
2014. World Artist Competition exhibition. 3rd place in 11 selected artist worldwide. Belgravia Gallery. London. England

Represented by artSpace Berlin. Berlin. Germany2009 Represented by the Weiss Gallery. Calgary, Alberta, Canada 2006-2008
Represented by Winsor Gallery. Vancouver, Canada. 2008
South Africa Abroad. Group show. Hodnett Fine Art. Vancouver, Canada 2008
Art Knows No Borders. Work exhibited and donated to Doctors without Borders. Los Angeles. U.S.A 2008
Lamp Community. Los Angeles. U.S.A 2005
Mojo Mojo Vancouver Exhibit. In Collaboration with Sherp Orphanage in Maralal, Kenya. Hosted by Auto One. Vancouver, Canada.
Matthew Good. White Light – Rock and Roll Review (paintings appear on album cover). 2004-2009
Represented by Fine Art Gallery J. van den Elshout, Den Haag, Netherlands. 2002-2003
Represented by The Ballard-Lederer Gallery. Vancouver, Canada. 2002
Represented by The Harrison Gallery. Vancouver, Calgary, Canada . 2001
Backdoor No. 23. Self-curatorial venue. Vancouver, Canada. 2000
Artist Talk. In conjunction with West Coast Line Magazine for the launch of Spring Issue reZoning. ArtSpeak Gallery, Vancouver, Canada.
Work Published in West Coast Line Magazine. reZoning, Spring Issue. 2000
Work Published. Dirty Rats in the Landscape. Access Gallery. Vancouver, Canada. 1999
Solo Show. Inc. ArtSpeak Gallery. Vancouver, Canada.

Group Show. Fundraising Event. Up Do. ArtSpeak Gallery. Vancouver, Canada. 1999
Group Show. To whom it may concern. Cape Town. South Africa. 1997
Group Show. Spit in the Soup. Concourse Gallery, ECIAD. Vancouver, Canada. 1995
Group Show. Wearable Art. Zole Fashion Group and Concourse Gallery. Vancouver, Canada. 1995
Work Published on front cover of Loop Magazine. Vancouver, Canada. 1995
Group Show. Beyond Borders. Western Washington University, Washington. 1993
Group Show. Cat Show. Prior Editions. Vancouver, Canada. 1993
Malaspina Scholarship Show. Malaspina Printmakers Society. Vancouver, Canada.

Media Coverage

2015-2016. Kabuni and ArtsAlly. Georgia Straight. Featured Artist article and showcase.

Art Employment

2000-2021. Teaching Private and Semi-private lessons. 2000-2021. Private consultation for Professional Artist
2009-2021. Langara College, Vancouver, Canada. Subject: Oil Painting, Still Life, Portrait, Figure and Old Masters Drawing.

2017-2021. FCA. Federation of Canadian Artist. Vancouver, BC. Canada. Teacher of Federations Foundation Program.

2015. FCA. Federation of Canadian Artist. Juror for Annual Art Competition.

2000-2003. Aberthau House, Vancouver, Canada. Subjects in Oil Landscape Painting en plein-air.

丽莎·维萨吉 (Liza Visagie)


“绘画是一种视觉体验,澄清我们的思想并唤醒我们脑海中各种印象的简单性和统一性。 我在现代和当代背景下应用传统油画技法进行创作并不断创新。从特定地点的风景到基于叙事的静物都是我作品的主题。油画这一创作形式的构图和光线之挑战是我作品的前沿。 我通过直接在大自然中作画并根据我研究全球各种景观和城市的经验来记录不断变化的自然环境。” -丽莎·维萨吉


2001-2021 师从温哥华油画家 Paul Chizik (保罗·奇兹克),温哥华,加拿大
2001 温哥华艺术学院, 兼职学习油画
1999 加拿大艾米丽·卡尔艺术与设计大学,艺术学位,温哥华,加拿大
1994 新叶版画,版画学徒,温哥华,加拿大
1993-1996 居先版画,主任版画师学徒,温哥华,加拿大
1992-1995 马拉斯皮纳版画家协会,自主学习,温哥华,加拿大
1992 南非大学 兼职学习
1989-1990 国立艺术学校(原名德克鲁因艺术高中),约翰内斯堡,南非


2023  7 月 14 日至 24 日, 美国纽约苏富比
2023  第16届国际ARC沙龙大赛入围,美国艺术复兴中心
2022 温哥华力邦美术馆,中国独家总代理
2019-2021 温哥华艺术画廊,加拿大
2019 太阳画廊,温哥华,加拿大
2018 【彩色的光 – 加拿大写生绘画】加拿大温哥华意大利文化中心博物馆
2014 世界艺术家大赛展览,在全球 11 位入选艺术家中排名第三
2009-2010 柏林艺术空间代理,柏林,德国
2009 沃斯画廊代理,卡尔加里,阿尔伯塔,加拿大
2006-2008 温莎画廊代理,温哥华,加拿大
2008 【南非海外】联展,霍德内特画廊,温哥华,加拿大
2008 【艺术无国界】作品展出并捐赠给无国界医生,洛杉矶,美国
2008 灯盏社区,洛杉矶,美国
2005 【魔力魔力温哥华展览】与肯尼亚马腊拉尔的舍尔博孤儿院合作
由 Auto One 主办,温哥华,加拿大
2004 【马修·古德,白光】——摇滚评论(作品刊登在专辑封面上)
2004-2009 艺术画廊 J. van den Elshout 代理,海牙,荷兰
2002-2003 巴拉德·乐德尔画廊,温哥华,加拿大
2002 哈里森画廊代理,温哥华和卡尔加里,加拿大
2001 后门23号自策展场地,温哥华,加拿大
2000 艺术家讲座,与【西海岸线杂志】合作推出春季地域重新划分主题,ArtSpeak 画廊,温哥华,加拿大
2000 作品发表于【西海岸线杂志】,春季刊,地域重新划分主题
2000 作品出版【景观中的脏鼠】Access画廊,温哥华,加拿大
1999 个人作品展,ArtSpeak 画廊,温哥华,加拿大
1999 联展,筹款活动【向上展】 ArtSpeak 画廊,温哥华,加拿大
1999 联展【敬启者】,开普敦,南非
1997 联展【吐在汤里】大堂画廊,艾米丽·卡尔艺术大学,温哥华,加拿大
1995 联展【可穿戴艺术】 Zole 时尚集团和大唐画廊。温哥华,加拿大
1995 作品发表在 Loop 杂志的封面上,温哥华,加拿大
1995 联展【超越国界】,西华盛顿大学,华盛顿州,美国
1993 联展【猫秀】,居先版画,温哥华,加拿大
1993 【马拉斯皮纳奖学金展】,马拉斯皮纳版画家协会,温哥华,加拿大


2015-2016 卡布尼和艺术巷,精选艺术家文章和展示,乔治亚海湾报纸 (Georgia Straight)


2000-2021 教授私人和半私人课程
2000-2021 专业艺术家私人咨询
2009-2021 兰加拉学院,温哥华,加拿大。专业:油画、静物、肖像、人物
2017-2021 加拿大艺术家联合会 (Federation of Canadian Artists) 基金会计划的老师,
2015 加拿大艺术家联合会年度艺术比赛评委,温哥华,加拿大
2000-2003 阿伯索故居社区中心,创作油画风景画,温哥华,加拿大