“My paintings are rooted in the classical tradition with a contemporary approach. I work in the  custom of painting major scale canvases in the studio as well as the plein-air custom of  working directly outdoors in a variety of environments where the natural splendor or raw urban  power is immediate.

My work ranges from landscapes, to portraiture, figurative narratives and still life. As artist,  mentor and teacher I hope to have the art of painting regain its role as an exciting, current and  vibrant visual medium with a renewed urgency. ”  – Paul Chizik

Read Paul Chizik CV below.


Paul Chizik CV

1957. Vancouver, B.C.


1995-2017. Independent Studies. Traveled and studied many of the major works in Canada, Australia, the United States and Europe (England, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria and The Netherlands).
1995-1996. Florence Academy of Art. Florence, Italy. Michael John Angel Studios, Florence, Italy.
Study of Cast Painting, Still Life, Anatomy, Morphology, Master Drawing / Painting techniques and formulas. Further studies included Portraiture and Figurative work under Master Painter Michael John Angel.
Independent studies with master drawings in the Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy.
1995. Chicago Institute of Art, Chicago, USA. Studied under Michael John Angel in a workshop on Techniques of The Old Masters.
1988. Western Washington University, Bellingham, USA. Independent study program in Life Study. Continuing studies with Professor Thomas Slotterback and Professor Tom Sherwood.


2019-2021. Vancouver Fine Art Gallery. BC. Canada
2019. LeSoleil Fine Art Gallery. Vancouver. BC. Canada
2018. Chromatic Light. Plein-air Painting in Canada. Italian Cultural Centre Museum. Vancouver, BC. Canada.
2009-2017. Winter Show. Selection of new work. Belgravia Gallery, London. England. 2011. Group Show. Karen Lynne Gallery.Florida, U.S.A.
2010. Solo Show. The Progression of Paint. Belgravia Gallery, London. England.
2005-2011. Group Show. Summer Show. Belgravia Gallery. London, England. 2007-2009. Group Show. The Weiss Gallery, Calgary, Alberta. Canada. 2003. Group Show, “Speaking for the Land” Lucia Douglas Gallery, Bellingham, USA. 2003. Solo Show, “Canadian Autumn” Elliot Louis Gallery, Vancouver, Canada. 2002. Fall Group Show, “Landscapes” Lucia Douglas Gallery, Bellingham, USA. 2002. Summer Group Show, Ballard Lederer Gallery, Vancouver, Canada. 2001. Summer Group Show, Ballard Lederer Gallery, Vancouver, Canada. 2000. Summer and Winter Group Show, Dabrinsky Gallery, Toronto, Canada. 1998. Group Show, “Howling at the Darkness”, Seymour Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada. 1998. Group Show, Community Arts Council, Vancouver, Canada.
1997. Group Show, Seymour Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada.
1996. Group Show, Simon Patrich Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
1992. Group Show, Community Arts Council, Vancouver, Canada.
1991. Solo Show, Brush Gallery, Vancouver, Canada.
1990. Group Show, Vancouver Art ‘90, Vancouver, Canada.
1988. Group Show, Paint Brush Gallery, Vancouver, Canada.
1987. Group Show, Arts Festival, Robson Media Center, Vancouver, Canada.

Gallery Representation

2022 Represented by Lipont Gallery in China
2005-2017. Resented by the Belgravia Gallery. London, England.
2011-2012. Karen Lynne Gallery Karen Lynne Gallery. Florida, U.S.A 2007-2009. The Weiss Gallery. Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
2005-2008. Represented by Kunsthandel van den Elsthout. Den Haag, Netherlands. 2001-2003. Ballard Lederer Gallery, Vancouver, Canada.
1997-2003. Dabrinsky Gallery, Toronto, Canada.
1998-1999. Denise Robergé Art Gallery, El Paso, Palm Desert, California, USA. 1996-1998. Simon Patrich Galleries, Vancouver, Canada.
1989-1991. Paint Brush Gallery, Vancouver, Canada.
1979-1981. Barr Gallery, Vancouver, Canada.


Electronic Arts Inc. Vancouver, Canada.
Cerebral Mechanics Inc. Alberta, Canada.
Ivanhoe Securities, Vancouver, Canada.
Kim Oishi & Associates, Vancouver, Toronto, Canada.
New Caledonian Mining, Australia.
Media Coverage
2015-2016. Kabuni and ArtsAlly. Georgia Straight. Featured Artist article and showcase 2001. CBC French Television.
1999. B International Magazine, Personal Interview.


Canadian Armed Forces Civilian Artist Program (CAFCAP). Exhibitions and Displays, Ottawa, Canada.
Mediums of Specialization
Watercolour, oil, egg-tempera, tempera-grassa, acrylic, pastel and drawing mediums.

Art Employment

1995-2021. Teaching Private and Semi-private lessons.
1995-2021. Private consultation for Professional Artist
1997-2021. Langara College, Vancouver, Canada. Subject: Old Master Techniques, Still Life, Portrait, Figure Drawing.
2017-2021 FCA. Federation of Canadian Artist. Vancouver, BC. Canada. Teacher of Federations Foundation Program.
2015. FCA. Federation of Canadian Artist. Juror for Annual Art Competition. 2006-2009. Workshops in Plein-air painting in Tofino. Canada
2010. Hosted Pleiin-air Workshop in Bucine, Italy.
2006-2009. Vancouver Sketch Club. Demonstrations in painting and drawing Portraits
1997-2004. Vancouver Academy of Art. Vancouver, Canada. Instructor in Oil and Watercolour Painting. Instructor in Outdoor Drawing Techniques. Subjects: Portrait and Figure, Still Life, Old Masters Techniques and Landscapes. Ongoing instructional DVD hosted by Art Academy.com. Featured artist in Plein-air painting techniques.
2003. Taught and hosted oil painting workshop in Scotland.
1997-2003. Aberthau House, Vancouver, Canada. Subject: Watercolour and Oil Landscape Painting en plein-air.
1997-2002. Kwantlen University College, Vancouver, Canada.Subject: Old Master Techniques.