Guo Yan (郭燕)

Guo is an artist who is extremely sensitive but aims high. Unlike other female peers obsessed about their women’s identity and emotional struggles, she focuses more on people’s life and experience as well as social evolution and clash. In her tiny body lives a strong and compassionate soul. Inspired by but never confined to individual experiences and reflections on life, she has the insights into the real life and mental crisis of people across a generation. That is the quality and power that has made her an excellent modern artist.


– Liang Kegang, artist, curator and critic 2016


Although Guo Yan is an optimistic and open-minded person in the eyes of her friends, I think she is a pessimist in her heart and a very thoughtful artist. She is a vegetarian and she loves nature. In the real world, she always has a strong sense of crisis. She is also an environmentalist. She prefers a simple, pure, low-carbon, minimalist life. She keeps her material in a very low state. She is a very professional artist and spends a lot of time on oil paintings every day. Many of her works are in the collections of arts and cultural institutions in China and abroad.


Guo Yan (郭燕 ) CV


Graduated from Oil Painting Department, Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts in 1995.


6th June, 2016, Elsewhere, Chengdu Blue Roof Museum, Chengdu, China

9th April, 2016, Elsewhere, Guangdong Contemporary Art Center, Guangzhou, China

15th June, 2013,The Disappearing Hometown,Yuan Art Museum,Beijing,China

13th October, 2012,The Lost City,Tianren Museum of Art,Hangzhou,China

2011,Floating,Sibanfund,Los Angeles, U.S.A.

6th June, 2010, Tree & Butterfly, Henglu Museum of Art,Hangzhou,China

27th February, 2010,Bodhi,Z-Art Center,Shanghai,China

1st November, 2008,Purple Utopia, TS1 Gallery, Beijing, China



2022  The  Circle of Life  – Paintings by Pepe Hidalgo and Guo Yan, Lipont Gallery, Richmond BC Canada

2020 The Origins of Our Soul – Paintings by Pepe Hidalgo and Guo Yan, Lipont Gallery, Richmond BC Canada


Facing the Ocean – 2016 China Contemporary Sculpture and Installation Art Exhibition, Sanya, China



Harmony:Art Invitational Exhibition,GaoXiaohua Art Museum,Chengdu,China

Confronting Anitya-Oriental Experience in Contemporary Art,Salagon Museum,Provence,French

Museum Angerlehner,Wels,Austria

Forcalquier Central Cathedral, Forcalquier,French

KunstwerkCarlshutte, Budelsdorf,Germany

Museum of Contemporary Art of Chengdu,Chengdu, China

Blossom – 2015 1st Group Exhibition of 100 Contemporary Female Artists in China, Chengdu OCT Art Museum, Chengdu, China

Integration Creation-Shanghai International Science & Art Exhibition,Shanghai,China



Confronting Anitya-Oriental Experience in Contemporary Art,Kunstraum Villa Friede,Bonn,Germany

Yuan Art Museum,Beijing,China

Shandong Contemporary Arts Museum, Jinan, China

Art Gallery of Huayu Resort & Spa Yalong Bay Sanya, Sanya, China

WinshareThe New-Contemporary Art Invitational, Winshare Art Museum,Chengdu,China



Context of Contemporary Art-2013 China Annual Art Critics Nominated Exhibition,Xi’an Art Museum,Xi’an,China

Confronting Anitya-Oriental Experience in Contemporary Art,Palazzo Michiel, Venice,Italy

MAGI’900 Museum, Bologna, Italy

May,Chinese Art Treasury, Chengdu,China



Her Art-Group Exhibition For 13 Excellent Contemporary Female Artists,The Hall of the Commissioner Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Macau Special Administrative Region, Macao,China

Singing of Phoenixes – An Exhibition of Contemporary Female Artists,Tree Museum,Beijing,China

2012 Chengdu Spring Art Salon,Art Gallery of Sichuan University,Chengdu,China



2011 Chengdu Spring Art Salon,The Art Gallery of Sichuan University,Chengdu,China

Annual Exhibition of Chinese New Painting at TianRenHeYi Art Center, TianRenHeYi Art Center,Nanjing,China

Nostalgia And Rendezvous- Nanjing/Hangzhou/Chengdu/Chongnqing Contemporary Art Exhibition Tour,Nanjing Qinghe Current Art Center, Nanjing,China

Blue Roof Museum of Chengdu,Chengdu,China

Hanpin Art Center,Hangzhou,China

Chongqing Grang Theatre, Chongqing,China

2+2 Exhibition, Sibanfund, Los Angeles,U.S.A.

Unable Abasence,Opening Exhibition of Winshare Art Museum,Winshare Art Museum,Chengdu,China

Jade and Pearls – An Invitational Exhibition of Female Artists from the South,Blue Roof Museum of Chengdu,Chengdu,China



The 1st International Nano Art Exhibition,Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre, Suzhou, China

Pink Model Invite Exhibition, Re-C Art Space, Chengdu,China

Whisper in the City Contemporary Female Artists Exhibition, Re-C Art Space, Chengdu,China

Whispering Female Artists Exhibition,Xi’an Center of More Art, Xi’an,China

Art & Film Intertwined,Fellini Gallery, Shanghai,China

She’s Vision-2010 International Contemporary Aggressive Female Artists Chengdu Invitational Exhibition,Art Grain of Luodai, Chengdu,China



Polar Tension- Beijing/Shanghai /Chengdu Contemporary Artists Invitation, Art Grain of Luodai, Chengdu,China

AwakeningFuture – Postmodern Artwork, Sunshine Jinbao Art Space,Beijing,China

Community, Community -2009 The 5th China Songzhuang Culture and Art Festival, SongzhuangMuseum of Art,Beijing,China

Lead Up-The Exhibition of the Chinese Fine Arts Critics’ Nominations 2009,Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing, Beijing,China

She’s Vision-2009 International Contemporary Aggressive Female Artists Chengdu Invitational Exhibition,Chongqing Jiangshan Gallery,Chongqing, China

In 2009-The 1st China’s Young Artists Contemporary Exhibition,The Bund Museum, Shanghai, China

Memory of Life, Suomei Art Gallery,Shanghai,China

Exposition d’Art Contemporain Chinols, Chateau De Tours, Tours, France

Posture Language, New Age Gallery, Beijing, China

Chinese Patients- Contemporary Art Exhibition,Postmodern Art Gallery,New York,U.S.A.



Encounter by Accident,Chengdu-Marseilles Contemporary Art Exhibition,Art Gallery of Sichuan University,Chengdu,China

Asian Arts Fair and Exhibition, Pier 92,New York, U.S.A.

The Sky of the Future, National Art Museum of China,Beijing,China

Shocked – Power of the Nature,Blue Art Space,Chengdu,China

Sichuan Contemporary Oil Work Invitational, Chengdu, China

The Root – 3Aw Gallery, Paris, France

Art in Two Cities- Dialogue of Contemporary Art Between Chengdu & Qingdao,Tianyuan Art Gallery,Qingdao,China

Asian International Contemporary Arts Exhibition,Asia World-Expo,Hong Kong,China

Shapes & Colors, Selected Artwork of Young Artists,World Trade Center,Shanghai,China

2008 Chengdu Spring Art Salon,Chengdu Convention Center,Chengdu,China



Art & Poetry, Fei Art Gallery, Guangzhou, China

Curtain, Feizi Art Gallery, Shanghai, China

Floating –New Generation of Art in China, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea

Transparent World – Y&G Contemporary Art Exhibition Invitational, Tibet Museum,Lhasa,China

“5+3” Fine Art Exhibition, K-Gallery, Chengdu, China

Potential Chengdu – Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Young Artists, Chengdu, Song Xian Qiao Curio and Art Center, Chengdu, China



2006 New Power China-Beijing Invitation Exhibition of Contemporary Art Biennale, TS1 Art Museum,Beijing,China

2006 New Power China-Contemporary Art Biennale, Artra Museum of Art,Shanghai,China

Chengdu Young Generation – Macau Contemporary Art Exhibition, Ox Warehouse, Macau, China

2006 Chengdu Spring Art Salon,The Art Gallery of Sichuan University,Chengdu,China



January, 2016, City in Dream won the Gold Prize at the “Star Hong Kong” Contemporary Art Contest organized by the Asia International Contemporary Art and Culture Promotion Association of Hong Kong


Public Collections

National Art Museum of China

Shanghai Z-Art Center

Lijiang Art Museum

Hangzhou Henglu Museum of Art

Shanghai XuhuiArt Museum

Beijing Yuan Art Museum

Xi’an Art Museum

Hangzhou Tianrenheyi Art Museum


Media Coverage and Published Works


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The poster of Bodhi – Guo Yan’s Solo Exhibition was published on Hi Art Magazine in March.

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Work adopted as the cover of First Class – Times of Fortune Magazine, November



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