Work on CANVASES – Art Exhibition

Opening Reception: Thursday June 15th, 2017 5:00pm – 8:00pm

Exhibition dates: June 10th – July 5th, 2017

Artists Alison Keenan, James Liu, Jeff Wilson, Jennie Wang Catton, June Yun and Wan Li Zhang display the views of the historic neighbourhoods of Vancouver, night storms of the Fraser River, the fog of Coal Harbour, mountains and streams of British Columbia, nesting in the woods, reeds of Tsawwassen and the snow of North Vancouver on their canvases.

The artists

Alison Keenan has been working on different series of paintings of the coastal environment of Vancouver. Fog, trees, and birds’ nests are transcribed onto her canvas in a subtle manner.

James Liu has been an artist, curator and educator for decades both in Canada and Asia. He will be showing highly abstract paintings of B.C. flora and fauna, as well as prints on metal plates.

Jeff Wilson’s acrylic cityscapes are based on photographic images. He “deliberately chooses recognizable subjects from unusual perspectives, to make people think about our world and appreciate it.”

Jennie Wang Catton’s bold use of acrylic, oil, and local plants that grow in her neighbourhood, such as reeds and seaweed, “interprets her surroundings and unlocks the spirit of her subjects and her imagination to recreate a visual reality that we may see before us.

Water and mist are important subject matters in June Yun’s work. The ephemeral quality of water and mist are augmented in the paintings by reflections that are between realism and abstraction.

Wan Li Zhang’s ‘A World through Window’ series is composed of large-scale paintings that depict views of Vancouver through “windows”. “The massive and overwhelming real world becomes focused, poetic and even magical when you look at it through a window.”