WAN LI ZHANG – Biography

Wan Li Zhang was born in Kashi, China. She studied at Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts from 1980 to 1987 and received a B.A followed by an M.A. in Fine Arts.

After completing her master’s degrees, she taught at Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts until 1990. During this period, she participated in many group shows in England, Japan, and China. Her artworks were selected for national and provincial art exhibitions. She received two awards from the Shanxi Young Artists Exhibition. Her work was also published in numerous national art magazines.

In 1990, she moved to Vancouver, Canada, and continues teaching and painting to this day. Her works are widely collected in Canada, the US, England, Mainland China, Japan and Taiwan.

Her work ranges from print making, illustration, mural design, acrylic, and oil. Her subjects vary from figures, portraits, still life, and landscapes.


WAN LI ZHANG – Artist Statement

I believe that artwork should never be a mere duplication of reality, even in its most realistic forms. We put our thoughts, feelings, memories, and dreams into our work in a profound process. The result is the creation of a portal that allows you to gaze into your true self, where you don’t wear a mask and are free.

My paintings are based on what I see first and foremost, but although a scene may look real, it represents not a snapshot but rather a concentrated memory which persists eternally in my heart. It is one of many yesterdays, it is the transient today, and it may or may not be there tomorrow. It is my very existence; my kingdom.