Jennie Wang Catton was born in Xi’an, China and has been living in Metro Vancouver for almost two decades years. Jennie has a strong interest in visual art since childhood, but only until spring 2013 did she start her journey in art at Emily Carr University and earned the Certification of Advanced Painting in 2017. She then continued her full-time career as an artist and became a member of the Federation of Canadian Artist and a member of Chinese Women Contemporary Art Association. She is also a permanent member of Chinese Canadian Artist Federation in Vancouver and has been serving on the board actively.

During the past few years, Jennie has been a prolific painter of abstract works. She uses oil, acrylic and mixed media. Her paintings came from her own imagination that has been building up since her childhood and were influenced by her readings of the world and humans around her. She tends to interpret her surroundings and attempts to unlock the spirit of her subject or imagination as opposed to re-creating the visual reality we may see before us. This has resulted in Jennie’s taking on a variety of styles and such as realism, semi abstract or abstract.

Currently Jennie lives in the beautiful Tsawwassen, British Columbia, Canada and works in her studio close to her home.

Artist Statement

The mystery of life “Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? How do we connect with the world around us? Every morning, when we look into the mirror, are we really looking at the real us?” When we walk on the street or in the nature among trees, plants, dirt, rocks, water, ocean, lake, river, and animals. It doesn’t really matter, because I believe we are all the same and we are all here for a reason.

Enjoy every moment for being alive, being able to see, being able to feel, and being able to listen. Enjoy the life surrounding us. Trees are not only trees, rocks are not only rocks, and animals are not only animals. We are all united together as one mystery of life.

MY work is combined with different forms and textures. Some of them may look like figures of human or animal or other things you can never name. But it doesn’t matter. Feel the emotion, feel the move, and feel the mystery. I prefer to use mixed media, acrylic and oil in one painting, sometimes I even use charcoal or pastel to create a complex image.

Jennie Wang Catton 出生于中国西安,在大温哥华地区生活了将近二十年。 Jennie 从小就对视觉艺术有着浓厚的兴趣,但直到 2013 年春天,她才在加拿大艾米丽卡尔大学开始了她的艺术之旅,并于 2017 年获得了绘画毕业证书。然后她继续了她的全职艺术家生涯,并成为加拿大艺术家联合会会员,中国女性当代艺术协会会员。她还是温哥华华人艺术家协会的永久会员。




我的作品结合了不同的形式和纹理。其中一些可能看起来像人类或动物或其他你永远无法命名的东西。但没关系。感受情感,感受感动,感受神秘。我更喜欢在一幅画中使用混合介质、丙烯和油画,有时我什至使用木炭或粉彩来创作复杂的图像。” -Jennie Wang 2019