ALLUSIVE – Group Exhibition

Featuring Painting, Drawing, Ceramics, Collages, and Photography by Kay Austen, Roy Hoh, Jiabao Shen, Xiangmei Su, Wenli Yang, June Yun, and Monique Zhang

Opening July 4th, 2024 7-9pm

Exhibition July 4 – 25, 2024

As the summer season unfolds in Vancouver, local artists channel nature’s wonders, social environments, and personal memories through their talents and innovative mediums in the exhibition, ALLUSIVE.

Squamish-based clay artist Kay Austen builds floral-shaped ceramic triptych wall pieces that embody the livelihood of local blooms. “The emotional impact of colour and the vagaries of different methods of firing and surface treatment all play a part toward the power of the finished piece.”

Richmond-based emerging artist Jiabao Shen, a School of the Art Institute of Chicago trained professional painter and recent Vancouver Film School’s graduate, “explores themes such as ancient, contemporary and futuristic worlds with a fervent focus on flowing landscapes. Her new series Surging Dragon – Departing Fire is inspired by an ancient Chinese text Chu Ci, weaving together a tapestry of past and future, reality and fantasy amongst ink.”

Richmond-based artist Monique Zhang creates ethereal, dreamlike paintings that explore childhood memories, inviting viewers to slip backwards from the real world into primitive happiness and emotions. Her work encourages the audience to revisit the simplicity of childhood life. Using monotonic “pure” colors and plain charcoal drawings, she reflects the innocence and purity inherent in the meaning of life. Monique’s art captures the essence of youthful wonder, bringing a psychological value that offers solace and comfort.

Vancouver-based artist June Yun is a veteran oil painter of Vancouver’s misty yet poetic garden and pond scenes. She is an expert in finding, visualizing and sublimating the highlights of the scenic neighbourhoods of Vancouver in her paintings. In the ALLUSIVE Exhibition, she will present a series of “portraits” of the four seasons and a backlit translucent print on Mylar to express her awe in Vancouver’s spring season.

West Vancouver-based artist Xiangmei Su, a TEDx speaker, and University of British Columbia trained professional artist, gains new knowledge from the “investigation” of nature, regional culture, creative media, traditional crafts and maintains and manages her relationship with history, tradition, humanity, and nature. Her Reflection Series (later renamed the Untitled Series) depicts fallen leaves on water and the reflections of foliage, offering an alternative perspective on Vancouver’s beauty and its captivating spell on its residents.

Vancouver and Richmond-based artist duo Wenli Yang and Roy Hoh explore the intricate interplay relationship between humans, society and nature through various mediums—painting, installation, lens-based work, collage, etc. Drawing inspiration from Vancouver’s storied neighbourhoods, the ubiquitous real estate developments, and the region’s verdant flora, Yang and Hoh’s art captures the evolving narrative of the city.

【涵·意 – 夏季联展】

展出 Kay Austen, 何胜强, 沈嘉宝, 苏向, 杨文俐, 云媛, 和 Monique Zhang 的绘画、素描、陶瓷、拼贴画和摄影作品。



Lipont Gallery (温哥华力邦美术馆) 于2024年仲夏联袂大温哥华地区七位艺术家举办油画、手绘、摄影、陶艺、拼贴及混合媒介作品联展。随着盛夏的到来,艺术家们在展览【涵·意】中通过他们的才华和创新媒介传达自然奇观、社会环境和个人记忆。

来自卑诗省斯阔米什 (Squamish, B.C.) 的陶艺家凯·奥斯丁 (Kay Austen) 制作了花卉形状的陶瓷三联画墙饰,体现了当地花卉的勃勃生机。“色彩的情感冲击力以及不同烧制和表面处理方法的变化都对成品的力量产生了影响。”

在列治文市耕耘的艺术家沈嘉宝 (Jiabao Shen) 是毕业于芝加哥艺术学院的专业画家,之后她在温哥华电影学院深造并于2024年毕业。“她探索古代、当代和未来世界等主题,热衷于流动的风景。她的新作【逴龙——离火】系列的灵感来自中国古代文献【楚辞】中的一句诗句‘北有寒山,逴龙赩只’,她用水墨编织出一幅幅过去与未来、现实与幻想交织的画卷。”

列治文艺术家 Monique Zhang 创作的画作如梦似幻,探索童年记忆,让观众从现实世界中回到本真的幸福和情感中。她的作品鼓励观众重温童年生活的那份简单淳朴。她使用单色调和朴素的炭笔画,反映生命意义中固有的纯真和纯洁。她的艺术抓住了青春的奇迹和本质,为大家带来一种心理价值,并给人以慰藉和安慰。

温哥华艺术家云媛 (June Yun) 是一位资深的油画家,擅长描绘温哥华朦胧而诗意的花园和池塘景色。她擅长在画作中寻找、想象和升华温哥华风景优美的街区的亮点。在本次展览中,她将展示一系列四季“肖像”和一幅灯箱半透明作品,以表达她对温哥华春季的敬畏之情。

西温哥华艺术家苏向 (Xiangmei Su) 是一位 TEDx 演讲者,亦是卑诗大学 (UBC) 毕业的专业艺术家,她从对自然、地域文化、创意媒体、传统工艺的探究中获得了新知识,并保持和管理她与历史、传统、人类和自然的关系。她的【倒影系列】(后更名为【无题系列】) 描绘了水中的落叶和树叶的倒影,为温哥华的美丽及其对居民的迷人魅力提供了另一个视角。

温哥华和列治文的艺术家组合杨文俐 (Wenli Yang) &何胜强 (Roy Hoh) 通过各种媒介——绘画、装置、摄影、拼贴等—— 探索人类、社会和自然之间错综复杂的相互关系及影响。他们从身边的历史街区、随处可见的房地产开发和郁郁葱葱的植被中获取灵感,捕捉不断发展变化的城市故事。