2017 Work on Paper Art Exhibition

Opening Reception: Thursday July 20, 2017 5:00pm – 8:00pm

Exhibition dates: July 15 – August 31, 2017

Lipont Gallery presents the expressive works of select artists Connie Sabo, Esmie Gayo McLaren, Fiona Tang, Hai-Ping Lee, Neil Pan, Tony Chu, and Xiaofeng Wu. From watercolour paintings, to ink drawings, mixed media, and installations, this summer offering by Lipont offers a peek into the artists’ interests and concerns, as interpreted on paper.

Connie Sabos “sculpture and mixed media work explore issues of cycles and sustainability, as well as personal, intimate relationships with the environment and the urban landscape.”

Esmie Gayo McLaren’s watercolour paintings share “stories that provide healing and hope, rekindling joy and inspiration; they tell of passion, labour, simplicity, and childish abandon.” With emphasis on motion and emotion, she narrates about “lightness of spirit in whirls of skirts and spontaneous play.”

Fiona Tang’s stunning, large-scale drawings of wildlife “engage its viewers with her work emotionally and physically, with an overwhelming sense of vulnerability and wonder by the sheer size of the media”.

Hai-Ping Lee applies an innovative approach to oil and watercolour painting. Her mixed media work on rice paper combines both traditional and modern styles. Trough out her life she has travelled extensively, taking photographs and using them as reference material for her paintings, Hai Ping has been dubbed an ” experimental Artist” enjoying the challenges of new subjects, mediums and genres.

Neil Pan’s career spans over four decades in Asia and Canada. Having excelled in traditional ink paintings, he began mastering watercolour, ink, oil and pastel to capture the ephemeral moments of the tranquil valleys and woods of British Columbia.

Tony Chu works mostly with mixed media on tracing paper, mylar and watercolour paper. By rejecting conventional mediums like oil or acrylic, he investigates the possibility of incorporating daily, ready-made objects in his work.

Xiaofeng Wu’s perception of British Columbia’s flora and fauna is intricately expressed in abstract form with ink and colour pencil on paper.