Connie Sabo is a Canadian artist based in Vancouver, BC. She graduated from the University of British Columbia in 1982 and received her BFA and the Governor General’s Silver Medal for Excellence from the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in 2003. Her sculpture and mixed media installations are often site-specific exploring issues of cycles and sustainability as well as personal intimate relationships with the environment and the urban landscape. Her background in textile design and architectural design greatly influence her creative process as she strives to evoke a sense of connectedness with the world around her. She challenges the physicality and cultural history of materials and techniques. By introducing new materials to traditional methods and vice versa, she explores the past, present and future. Her process is often rote, meditative, and obsessive; she embraces and transforms the mundane.

Connie’s work has been exhibited locally as well as in Seattle and New York. She served as a board member for the Emily Carr Alumni Association for many years until 2016 and served as Vice Chair for the Eastside Culture Crawl Society. Connie is also a founding member of AgentC Projects, a Metro Vancouver based curatorial collective.

康妮·萨博是居住在加拿大卑诗省温哥华的艺术家。她于 1982 年毕业于卑诗大学,并于 2003 年获得艾米丽卡尔艺术与设计学院颁发的艺术学士学位和总督卓越银质奖章。她的雕塑和混合媒体装置通常是针对特定地点的循环和探索问题,自然环境的可持续性以及与环境和城市景观的个人亲密关系。她在纺织品设计和建筑设计方面的背景极大地影响了她的创作过程,因为她努力唤起与周围世界的联系感。她挑战材料和技术的物质性和文化历史。通过将新材料引入传统方法,反之亦然,她探索了过去、现在和未来。她的过程通常是沉思和痴迷的。

康妮的作品曾在温哥华以及美国西雅图和纽约展出。在 2016 年之前,她曾担任艾米丽卡尔艺术与设计学院校友会的董事会成员多年,并担任 Eastside Culture Crawl Society 的副主席。康妮还是大温哥华地区策展集体 AgentC Projects 的创始成员。