Artist Biography

Xin’s philosophical thinking and artistic endeavours made her a committed artist. Xin is an emerging artist based in Richmond and works primarily with oil mediums. She has influences expanded alongside her formal training and education from ECU, incorporating her experiences as a juxtaposed artist with Asian + western culture and artistic philosophies.

Alongside her expanding technical skills, her perspective as a visual storyteller intensified her desire to find ways of communicating through art. Xin usually works large in oil, once in the blue moon she also presents something small for a unique contrasting effect.

She often gets inspiration from designer looks and intriguing stories in movies and books. Working with the film and fashion industry she gained a sensitive visual capturing sense. To Xin, revisiting the idea presented by some of the greatest filmmakers and storytellers is the best way to interpret the message behind any artwork. She found herself good at imagining without standard answers, and painting conveys her intriguing perspectives.

Artist Statement

“I am urged, eager to know you. I want to see your transparency, as naked as
possible, but I still don’t get you. Discovering human relationships.”

– Xin Wen

The collection “Commonplace” is inspired by the top-trend Korean show. When I saw the masks they wear, the idea of capturing human venerability using the torso and limbs attracted me.

I intend to combine exaggerated body proportions and liberating gestures into a series of works which embeds these characteristics. These works have also adopted the bright and pop colour scheme from the Squid Game, revealing a strong emphasis on tensions carried out with body compositions.

Avoiding any recognizable facial expressions that might initiate gaze, these hyper- muscular and irregular limbs directly present an anonymous message to the audience. These works are meant to provide and create private conversations between the viewer and the work. Like the ruler of Squid Game having masks on, I successfully manage to give each torso a fair chance to perform its story through its body language.

Artist CV

Based in Richmond, Canada

2022 Concept art Design – Vancouver film school BC, Canada 2020 BFA- Emily Carr University of Art+ Design, BC, Canada 2017 Diploma – Blanche Macdonald Center, BC, Canada

Group exhibitions
Ensemble, The Polygon Gallery, Canada Arta, Dalian Art Gallery, China
Bodhi meditation & VGH UBC hospital foundation “Bodhi Meditation Day” Art Show, Canada

Group awards
Crazy8s, Vancouver, Canada

Solo Murals
Par-tee golf, Canada 2019
Up-fashion, Canada