Calling (呼唤) - Limited Edition Print - Framed

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Xin Wen
Calling (呼唤)
High dynamic range pigment-based inks on 300gsm archival fine art paper
Edition of 150
image size: 16 x 12 inches



The sound still echoes, and I try to keep my faith. I accept me. "Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see." Arthur Schopenhauer, The World as Will and Representation, 1844.

当没有答复时,我的呼唤仍有回音,我试图保持信仰。 这就是我。 “人才能击中无人可以击中的目标;天才能击中无人能看到的目标。” 亚瑟舒佩纳豪(Arthur Schopenhauer),《世界与代表》,1844年。

Artist Biography

Xin Wen is a young Canadian surrealist painter whose ancestral home is in Yunnan, China. Yunnan is the oldest cultural and artistic multi-ethnic province in China. As a descendant of the Bai ethnic group, she is passionate about exploring Asian culture and ancient oriental myths and legends. Passionate about multiculturalism, she was fascinated by folktales with the theme of yokai, deities and spirits in classical Asian mythology, and her artistic adventures began. Her passion for the arts led her to earn a Diploma in Makeup from the Blanche Macdonald Global School of Makeup for Television and Film. Later, she was admitted to the Emily Carr University of Art + Design. In 2022, a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree was awarded.

As a keen and aspiring creator, Xin Wen cherishes and values any opportunity to be active in the local visual art scene. She was the art director and executive of a large independent commercial mural project in Richmond. Her passion for ethnic wear and artistic Avant-garde modern fashion has led her to model on the catwalk at Leisure Centre. These social practices have enriched her artistic creation. At the same time, she is also studying basic courses in design, animation, and film at the Vancouver Film School to enhance her knowledge and vision of digital art. In 2022, she worked as a production designer on the short film “The Faraway place”, an award-winning short that subsequently entered the top 6 at the Crazy8 Film Festival. After nine years of continuous art study and practice, Wen Xin’s latest series of paintings use contemporary language to describe the contemporary customs and style in her daily life and uses classical oil painting as a medium to present those dreamlike scenes, which resonates harmoniously with the audience’s daily life.

Xin Wen’s surreal paintings have been recognized by local galleries in Canada. Her works were exhibited at the well-known Polygon Gallery in North Vancouver, and she was invited to participate in an international exhibition in Dalian, China.

Xin Wen’s art is a fusion of tradition, history, and multiculturalism. She re-conceived the presentation of oriental literati scroll paintings, carefully designing them on large canvases so that the audience can feel the metaphors in them from the bottom of their hearts. The multi dimensional and varied educational criteria she received have greatly enhanced her creativity and expressiveness in contemporary painting art. In the ever-changing artistic creation, Xin Wen’s paintings re-present familiar things to the audience in a fresh and otherworldly form. Introduce the audience to go beyond the known artistic cognition, thereby improving their artistic perception and appreciation, seeking to create a new surreal artistic conception.

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