Originating from Vancouver, Sally Clark grew up among the wild landscape of British Columbia. As an accomplished and prolific artist with an extensive exhibition history, she has had solo exhibitions sponsored by the Granville Island Cultural Society, the Vancouver East Cultural Centre and North Vancouver Arts Council. An artist of multiple talents, she is also a celebrated playwright and filmmaker, her plays having received a Governor General’s Award nomination. Clark’s multi-layered approach to oil painting emulates the Old Masters by developing her compositions “through underpainting and overpainting, so that the colour is formed optically by the light passing through the layers.

Born in Vancouver Canada, Sally Clark has been painting in oils since she was twelve. She completed her B.F.A. degree at York University in Toronto. She lived in Toronto for thirty years and her paintings were exhibited in several galleries during that time. Clark has also written several award-winning plays, which have been produced in Canada and the United States. Her novel, “Waiting for the Revolution” was published by Cormorant Books in 2010. The Granville Island Cultural Society, the Vancouver East Cultural Centre and the North Vancouver Arts Council have sponsored solo exhibitions of her paintings. Her work has been in many FCA group shows, receiving four Honourable Mentions. She received the 2nd Prize at the FCA POTE (Painting on the Edge) Exhibition in 2016. Sally Clark was one of the Finalists for the Kingston Portrait Prize in 2017.

Artist Statement

I believe that painting is about communicating to an unknown observer the feeling of stillness.

‘This is how it feels to be here in this moment of time.’
I paint to get at the essence of my subject, to understand its mystery. I paint in layers, through under-painting and over-painting so that the colour is formed optically, by the light passing through the layers.
I want to create the feeling one has, when light suddenly hits a surface and there is a moment of illumination. I wish to engage the viewer in this sense of mystery, these apparitions of light.



Sally Clark(萨利·克拉克)出生于加拿大温哥华,从十二岁起就开始用油画作画。她完成了她的艺术学士学业,并在多伦多约克大学获得博士学位。她在多伦多生活了三十年,她的画作在此期间在几家画廊展出。克拉克还创作了多部获奖剧本,并在加拿大和美国制作。她的小说《等待革命》于 2010 年由 Cormorant Books 出版。格兰维尔岛文化协会、温哥华东部文化中心和北温哥华艺术委员会赞助了她的画作个展。她的作品曾多次参加 FCA (加拿大艺术家协会)群展,获得四项荣誉奖。她于 2016 年在 FCA POTE(边缘绘画)展览中获得二等奖。 Sally Clark 是 2017 年金斯顿肖像奖的入围者之一。

作为一位拥有丰富展览历史的多产艺术家,她曾举办过由格兰维尔岛文化协会、温哥华东部文化中心和北温哥华艺术委员会赞助的个展。 作为多才多艺的艺术家,她还是著名的剧作家和电影制作人,她的戏剧曾获得总督奖提名。 克拉克的多层次油画方法模仿了古代大师,通过“通过底色和上色来发展她的构图,这样颜色是由穿过层的光在光学上形成的。



我想创造一种感觉,当光线突然照射到表面并有片刻的照明时。我希望让观众沉浸在这种神秘感,这些光的幻影中。” –萨利·克拉克