The Yellow House

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Artist: Paul Chizik

The Yellow House

oil on linen
22 x 26 inches (55.88 x 66 cm)

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The historical importance of landscape painting is addressed in my work. Making direct reference to many of the Greats.
My wish is to have techniques, perviously experimented with, to evolve in such a way as to progress to a more modern condition with the knowledge of those that came before. The painterly effects of light and colour created by the suffocating atmosphere of pollution, found in industrial and urban landscapes, is juxtaposed with the collection of airy, rural and pastoral landscapes.
The use of light, colour, and texture remains consistent in my work. Sometimes brooding and foreboding, other times light and luminous. The work focuses on the ability of painting to tell a story through a single image.
- Paul Chizik 2023

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