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Artist: Fanny Bok Yin Tang


acrylic on canvas
36 x 36 inches

Fanny Tang is a painter and multimedia artist who creates 2D paintings and 3D installation or sculpture that related to our nature in surreal style.

Fanny Tang Artist Statement

In my paintings a mythical landscape and seascape can be found. The spirit of the beauty of the earth combines with the unique perspective I created for my viewers. I want you to imagine being on an extraordinary life path—one that juxtaposes the realism and dimensional quality of life yet is surreal. Capturing my unconscious mind’s thoughts existing beneath my conscious reality, I express imaginative dreams and visions, not from conscious rational control, but influenced by the inevitability of Eastern art culture that engulfs me. Freedom represented by the fish or the bird in my paintings. My life motto is “Swim to my dream and free from my mind”.

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