Fanny Tang was born on a beautiful small island, Nauru, a Central Pacific Island near Australia and formerly known as Pleasant Island.  Her father had been a big influence on her who used to study art in France. She wanted to fulfill her father’s dream of becoming an artist. She holds a BFA in oil painting from University of Calgary in Canada. She worked in Hong Kong after graduating. In 2013 she finished her MFA in Fresco Department from Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, China. Now she lives and works in Canada. Fanny has held solo and group exhibitions in Beijing, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Canada.


Round Sky and Square Earth
December 19,2019 – January 30, 2020

Using spherical forms as a starting point of a transformation, artist Fanny Tang explores the phases of life, death, and rebirth as they cycle in a perpetual loop. Her observations of the world led the artist to encounter circles repeatedly. She noticed that several life forms like human cells and planets like the Earth are expressed in circular forms that act as containers that support living life forms. In Round Sky and Square Earth, each individual artwork acts as a microcosm that belongs to a bigger ecosystem when seen as a whole.

Fanny Tang uses lines as a transitional phase of cycles, where her execution ranges from nebulous shapes to staccato punctuations to intertwining lines of webs. The variation of the artist’s linework demonstrates the unique traits of individualistic life forms and the repeated patterns that link the subject to an overall whole. The artist’s use of vibrant, jewel-toned colours and rich ochres emphasize the richness found in life, whereas the transparency of colour implies quietness within the composition. It is within the silent moments that the duality of death and rebirth is implied in the paintings. Since life itself is represented through boldness and vibrancy, death and rebirth are aligned in the cycle to loop continually over and over again.


Fanny Tang New Paintings
September 26 – October 11, 2021

In my paintings a mythical landscape and seascape can be found. The spirit of the beauty of the earth combines with the unique perspective I created for my viewers. I want you to imagine being on an extraordinary life path—one that juxtaposes the realism and dimensional quality of life yet is surreal. Capturing my unconscious mind’s thoughts existing beneath my conscious reality, I express imaginative dreams and visions, not from conscious rational control, but influenced by the inevitability of Eastern art culture that engulfs me. Freedom represented by the fish or the bird in my paintings. My life motto is “Swim to my dream and free from my mind”.

Fanny Tang (邓博贤)是一位画家和综合媒体艺术者,她用超现实风格创作了有关我们大自然主题的二维绘画和3维的装置立体作品。

Fanny Tang出生于太平洋中心的一个美丽小岛,瑙鲁。瑙鲁曾经也被称为“可爱的岛”。她于加拿大卡尔加里大学油画系本科毕业,并于2013年取得中央美术学院壁画系硕士学位。在北京、台湾、香港以及加拿大多次举办个展和联展。

在我的画中可以找到神话般的山水风景和海景。大地之美的精神与我为观众创造的独特视角互相结合。 我想让您想象自己走在一条非同寻常的人生道路上,把现实主义和生活的维度质量并列,却是超现实的。 捕捉无意识的思想存在于我的有意识现实中的思维。我表达的是富有想象力的梦想和景像都不是来自有意识的理性控制下,而是受不可避免的东方艺术文化强大所吞噬影响。 鱼或鸟在我的画中代表的自由。 我的人生座右铭是“游向我的梦想,从我的思想中解放出来”。