Roy Hoh

Roy Hoh is a Vancouver based photography artist who graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute affiliated Secondary School and Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology with a bachelor’s degree of Design. Before immigrated to Canada, he worked as a visual creative director at various institutions and schools in Beijing. Roy began to work as a professional photographer since 2010 and focusing on photography and teaching.

ROY HOH Artist Statement

In the philosophical thoughts of the East, the five elements (Wood, Earth, Water, Fire, and Metal) theory is used to explain the basic composition of the world and their mutual relationship. This order of presentation is known as the "mutual generation" sequence.

I connected scenes of my photos with my feelings and made modifications randomly. As the image changes, the appearance of the things has changed. Just like the series of "Metal" comes from plants, the creation process is also the process of my thinking and comprehension. The process of this conversion is wonderful: I didn't predict what it would be, but it brought me joy and touch as the image changed. This temptation to explore the unknown world keeps my passion in creation.

The inner spirit of people and things is called "soul." I use the camera to record the image and combine with the features of different lenses, shooting techniques, digital technology and usage of materials to redefine the shade of colors, even the shape of the image. I hope to express “soul” by presenting more unique images. I am constantly looking for and trying various ways to present the "soul" of things in my mind, just as the impression that our closest people have left us is not a clear face our feelings. In many works, I am trying to find and think about the connections and relationships of things in different space and different time. I also pay attention to the appearance and innerness of each thing.

I use cameras to record shape, light, colour and their combination around me and to perceive each unique existence of a matter giving me the subjective feeling. Usually I don't have mature plans or programs in my creation. However, when I am really touched by my perception and interest, I will build a harmonious unity of objects and my heart.

I grew up in the influence of eastern philosophy and was influenced more by western visual arts, especially those post-impressionist’s works emphasizing the artist's subjective feelings to shape objective phenomena. So, I intensify the use of colour to enhance visual expression in my works. The photographic tools provide me elements of shadow and light, which allow me to freely express figurative image or abstract content.

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