Wenli Yang & Roy Hoh

Wenli Yang, a distinguished artist residing in Vancouver and Richmond, is an alumnus of the prestigious Tsinghua University, holding a Master of Design (MDes). Her early career was marked by a tenure at the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, where she imparted her knowledge in artistic design. Her journey led her to Canada, where she furthered her studies in visual arts at renowned local universities such as the Emily Carr University of Arts + Design, immersing herself in Vancouver’s vibrant artistic milieu.

Yang’s artistry is deeply rooted in the introspective quest for self-awareness. As an immigrant who has traversed cultural landscapes from her native town to Beijing, and now Vancouver, her works are imbued with a profound inquiry: ‘Who am I?’ This existential exploration is a leitmotif that runs through her oeuvre, inviting viewers to partake in her search for meaning within the human condition.

Equally central to Yang’s practice is her fascination with special visual effects—the aesthetic alchemy that transforms the canvas into a captivating spectacle. She regards visual effects as the quintessence of artistic beauty and invests deeply in pioneering diverse expressions through her art.

Beyond the personal and aesthetic, Yang is attuned to the universal—her work often addresses global concerns, striving to ignite a collective consciousness about environmental stewardship and the legacy we bequeath to future generations. Through her artistic endeavors, Yang aspires to not only challenge the viewer aesthetically but to evoke a sense of responsibility and reflection on the pressing issues that transcend borders.

Roy Hoh (Sheng Qiang He) attended Sichuan Fine Arts Institute affiliated Secondary School and Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology and received a Bachelor’s degree in design. Before immigrating to Canada, he worked as a visual director at institutions and organizations in Beijing. Since 2010, he has worked as a professional photographer, focusing on photography creation and teaching in Vancouver.

His art interest is perceiving the unique existence of a thing, giving him a subjective feeling. Usually, he does not have a detailed plan for the creative process. However, when there is inspiration, he will build a harmonious unity between objects and the heart. Grew up in the influence of mixing Eastern philosophy and Western visual arts, especially those post-impressionist works emphasizing subjective feelings to shape objective phenomena, he intensified the use of color to enhance visual expression in his artworks. He uses cameras to record shape, light, and color and their combination around me. Photographic tools provide him with elements of shadow and light, which allow him to express figurative images or abstract content with no constraints.

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