Liyuan Liu

Liu Liyuan graduated from Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. He has loved and studied painting since he was a child, and has studied both classical and modern art. Specializing in figure paintings and portraits, he currently lives in Vancouver.

Her watercolour works have won awards in online exhibitions in the United States; and her works have been publicized in French artist magazines Circle Quarterly Art Review. The work "Studio" won the Excellence Award at the Swiss Helvet Art Online Art Exhibition.

The work "Layout" won the third prize in the 5th American Women Artists Painting Competition: and won the Excellence Award at the 162nd British Association of Women Artists Annual Exhibition, and will be exhibited in London in May 2023.

"Butterfly" and "Mask" won the first prize in the International Art Competition of the French Circle Art Foundation, and were the only ones sponsored to participate in the "International Art Exhibition 2023" in New York, USA.
Her oil painting "Connection" was published in Artexpo New York 2023 Visionary News as a representative artist's work, and won the Excellence Award in the International Art Cover Competition of the French Circle Art Foundation.
Four of her works were published in the magazine "50 Artists to Watch in 2023" published in Italy.
"Underwater Tango" and "Nirvana" won the Excellence Award in the American "Blue" Theme Painting Competition.
In February 2023, the oil painting "Venus in the World" won the Special Commendation Award at the 12th International Women's Art Exhibition.
In April 2023, the oil painting "Connection" became the only Chinese-American painter's work to be published in New York Art News.
In June 2023, the oil painting "Connection" won the Excellence Award in the Swiss Helvet Ar Art Competition.
In June 2023, five works including "Defamation" will participate in the Basel Art Fair in Switzerland.
In July 2023, the work "Mother" won the 4th American Watercolor Excellence Award. "Flowers" won the Talent Award at the 6th International Watercolor Competition in the United States.
In August 2023, the watercolor "Mother" was selected for the Canadian Watercolor Public Exhibition and won the Dixon Ticonderoga Award.
In September 2023, five oil paintings including "Bubble", "Connection", "Layout", "Nirvana" and "Butterfly" were selected for the Global Art Exhibition in Milan, Italy.
In October 2023, five of his works "Layout", "Connection", "Bubble", "Mask" and "Struggle" were published in the famous publication "World Art" issued by the Guggenheim in the United States, and won the Best Art and Creativity Award, and was named the 2023 Artist of the Year by World Art.