Angela Muellers

Angela Muellers was introduced to oil painting and European artists by her grandfather. Her great-grandfather painted and studied in Paris during the early 20th century.

She has a passion for the many skills and knowledge of a proficient artist. Some of these include paint chemistry, exploring archival materials, science of light and atmosphere, Euclidean geometry, perspective, and anatomy. The knowledge and practice that artists from the past acquired was essential to achieve their highest potential.

Her vision begins with several studies exploring formal design elements. Starting with a dynamic composition, introducing color arrangements, and finally subject and expression.

Graduate of the Victoria College of Art, Studied part time for four years at the Vancouver Academy of Art, Four-year full-time program at the Academy of Realist Art Toronto. Workshops with American Artists including, Robert Liberace, Yuqi Wang, Dan Thompson, Michael Klein, and Stephen Assael. Advanced studies with Maestro Michael John Angel of the Angel Academy in Florence.

Finalist in the Art Renewal Center Competition (based in New Jersey) and won a Purchase Award. Published in Strokes of Genius 6. Work selected for “Art Journey Portraits and Figures.

Toronto, Victoria, Vancouver, Squamish, and Whistler.

Switzerland, Ireland, Australia, USA, and Canada