Alex Ji

An accomplished oil painter, Alex Ji holds degrees from the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, where he studied under the renowned artist Professor Yu Xiaodong. With a rich history of international exhibitions and accolades, Ji has become a celebrated figure in the Metro Vancouver art scene, known for his realistic yet emotionally charged landscapes. Over the years, he has participated in art exhibitions held in different countries, and his works have been published in different publications and collected by collectors. To date, he has held four solo exhibitions in Metro Vancouver. Since moving to Canada in 2022, Ji has set up his art studios in Richmond and West Vancouver, and continues to create with a broader vision and deeper emotions, bringing his artistic works to a higher level. His works are known for his superb realistic skills and unique artistic perspective. Through careful depiction of details and clever use of colours, he captures the rich and diverse beauty of nature and displays it on canvas in a deeply touching way.

“I always adhere to a pure and sincere view of painting. I love to use concrete and realistic painting methods to convey my emotions. In my opinion, only reality can express my deep love for nature more intuitively. At the same time, art needs to be expressive, to touch people’s hearts. Therefore, in my paintings, I will strengthen the abstract expression of aesthetic elements, such as primary and secondary virtuality and reality, density and concentration, dry and wet staining, thin and thick covering, etc. Such processing not only gives the work a sense of beauty and can convey my emotions more strongly. I particularly enjoy painting Plein Air, having a dialogue with nature, and immersing my body and mind in it. Nature is changeable, it can be quiet and harmonious, or passionate. Whenever I feel the moment when the scene blends, it will inspire me. This is the biggest motivation for my creation.”

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