Jiangang Su was born in 1974 Suzhou, China. His paintings and calligraphy are deeply influenced by Chinese Jiangnan culture. His works of classical landscapes, flowers, and birds result from details and freehand. His fine brushwork is delicate and clean, while the freehand part is illusory and ethereal, which naturally fits well with Chinese classical gardens in Suzhou, Jiangnan, China.

In 1987, Jiangang Su studied under the well-known artist Yan Gongda, who was a professor at Tsinghua University and vice-chairman of Chinese Calligraphers Association. Su enrolled in university in 1992 and majored in Arts & Crafts, and later started his professional career as an artist and art educator after he earned the highest level of calligraphy teaching certification in China.

Jiangang Su moved to Vancouver in 2016. He immediately came to love Vancouver’s openness and diversity and established a solid relationship with the Great Wall Gallery in Toronto and Lipont Gallery in Vancouver. In addition, he has held many successful solo exhibitions and received excellent responses. Regarding art education, Su’s students are throughout North America, including art students from Emily Carr University of Arts and Design, Vancouver Film School, and art lovers, especially architects who are passionate about Chinese culture.

Besides art career and art education, Su is enthusiastically involved in charity work. Before the pandemic, he participated in Tzu Chi’s calligraphy charity event in October each year by writing and donating Spring Festival couplets. In 2020, two pieces of his artworks participated in pandemic relief charity auction hosted by Lipont Gallery.

The future world is one that requires diversity and interaction, where different cultures respect and influence each other. Painting is about everything other than painting. Su enjoys the conversations with ancestors by watching the classic works of Song and Yuan Dynasties, feeling their quietness and history. He immerses himself in the beautiful mountains and rich greenery of Vancouver. The images of local birds are painted with the most traditional meticulous techniques, including natural mineral pigments, Suzhou silk, and other extraordinarily delicate and ancient materials used for creation, and the result is imposing.

Jiangang Su (born in 1974), graduated from Changshu Institute of Technology in Arts and Crafts. He specializes in traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy and seal carving. In the 1980s, he studied under Mr. Yan Gongda, a famous calligrapher and seal carver. Su is also an experienced art educator. His works are collected internationally and appear in the private collections of many art institutions and galleries. In 2017 he served as the Art Director of the Canada 150th Anniversary International Tea Festival. Su is a member of Jiangsu Calligraphers Association, the Suzhou Calligraphers Association, and is a senior registered Teacher of China.

2016 Carried by Materials and Navigating One’s Mind – Calligraphy and Crafts Exhibition organized by Suzhou Daily and Suzhou Art
2016 The Weight of Time – Documentary of Jiangang Su’s Art by Suzhou TV Station
2017 Moved to Vancouver. The refreshing style of his paintings are favoured by collectors in Toronto and Vancouver
2018 Artistic Conception Transcends Image – Exhibition of Jiangang Su’s Art, Shanghai
2020 Resonance of Paper Drifting – Exhibition and Online Auction of Paintings and Calligraphy by Jiangang Su,  Lipont Gallery, Richmond, Canada
2021 Everlasting Happiness – Paintings and Seal Carving by Jiangang Su, Lipont Gallery, Richmond, Canada
2022 Kindness, Blessing, and Perfection – Traditional Chinese Paintings by Jiangang Su, Lipont Gallery, Richmond, Canada


Canada 150th Anniversary Celebrations-Artist Achievement Award



2020年【落紙清音】 – 蘇健剛國畫·書法展,溫哥華力邦美術館
2021年 【長樂未央】蘇健剛國畫、書法、篆刻展,溫哥華力邦美術館



【Little Invisible 小隐出品】+ 【Jiangang Su】ASMR | Traditional Chinese Painting - Winter Tea & Peach Blossom

ASMR 篆刻印章 & 桂花板栗羹|Seal Engraving & Hometown Chestnut Snack 【Little Invisible】+【小隱】+【蘇健剛】

ASMR 壬寅春節特輯二 虎年畫虎 躺寅大吉 |Spring Festival Speical 2 - Painting Tiger