Sophia Nie – Artist Biography

Born in 1962, Beijing

Xiuping Nie (Sophia) has been working in the art design industry for decades. She practices graphic design, Industrial design, and interior design.

“My love for painting can be traced back to my childhood. Since then, I have been exploring art and immersing myself in art. Yan Li and Naizheng Zhu were the mentors who introduced me to fine art and influenced my skills and my career profoundly.

Traditional Chinese painting played an integral part of my personal growth. Studying fine brush painting and portraiture nourished my soul. The fine education I received from my teachers has allowed me to expand my vision in the art world and make progress continuously as a designer and artist.

I am always seeking ways to express my visions of beauty and use artistic expressions and techniques such as painting to describe the scenes I see. Through life and nature, I am amazed by the delicacy and the splendour of our world. I depict these beautiful views in my paintings and do my best to do it continuously in a creative way. In the future I will explore even more ways and techniques to express my perception of beauty.” – Sophia Nie 2022


1986 – 1988
Department of Environmental Design, Beijing Science Technology and Management College

Courses: painting, environmental design (landscape design, urban planning), three-dimensional composition, industrial design, graphic design, architectural design, interior design, ergonomics, and material science.

Internship: Beijing Architectural Design Institute
Internship Project: Lobby and garden design, China Rehabilitation Research Center for Deaf Children

Work Experience

2004- present Graphic designer, interior designer, and construction projects manager, Vancouver, BC
2002-2004 Consultant and Designer, Natong Medical Group IV
2001 Designer, Tang Guang Ming Hui Advertising Company
1998-1999 Designer, Dashu Corporate Image Company
1993-1998 Public Relations and Designer, Sunworld Dynasty Hotel, Beijing
1991-1992 Public Relations and Designer, Scitech Technology Exchange Co., Ltd. and Scitech Hotel, Beijing
1991 Graphic designer, interior designer, advertisement designer, Zhongcui Fashion Co., Ltd.
1988-1990 Interior designer and ceramic art designer of Kang Hua headquarters office, Kang Hua Environmental Design


聂秀平 (Sophia Nie)





一直以来我涉及并寻求多种艺术形式,表达对美的憧憬。用绘画等方式,将我眼中美丽的景象描绘出来。我在感悟生命、感悟自然的同时,惊叹万物的精致与壮观,于是我喜好将美好的事物做为提材,进行不断的创意。我也会在未来更多地将内心对美的观感,以各种形式表现出来。” – 聂秀萍2022

1986-1988 中国科技经营管理大学环境设计系。
学习绘画、环境设计 (园林、城市规划)、产品设计、装潢设计、平面设 计、立体构成、建筑设计、室内外设计、人机工程学、材料学。
实习项目:中华聋儿康复中心 (参与大堂形象设计、园林设计)

2004-present 移民加拿大,从事平面设计、室内硬装软装设计及装修
2002-2004 纳通医疗集团 IV顾问及设计师
2001 唐光明辉广告公司 设计师
1998-1999 大树企业形象策划公司 设计师
1993-1998 天伦王朝酒店, 从事公关相关事宜及设计师
1991- 1992 赛特科技交流有限公司及赛特饭店, 从事公关相关事宜及设计师
1991 中萃时装有限公司, 美术、装潢、广告、厅堂、装饰设计
1988-1990 康华环艺公司, 康华总部办公室设计、陶艺设计、装潢设计