Sophia Nie

Sophia Nie – Artist Biography

Born in 1962, Beijing
Xiuping Nie (Sophia) has been working in the art design industry for decades. She practices graphic design, Industrial design, and interior design.
“My love for painting can be traced back to my childhood. Since then, I have been exploring art and immersing myself in art. Yan Li and Naizheng Zhu were the mentors who introduced me to fine art and influenced my skills and my career profoundly.
Traditional Chinese painting played an integral part of my personal growth. Studying fine brush painting and portraiture nourished my soul. The fine education I received from my teachers has allowed me to expand my vision in the art world and make progress continuously as a designer and artist.
I am always seeking ways to express my visions of beauty and use artistic expressions and techniques such as painting to describe the scenes I see. Through life and nature, I am amazed by the delicacy and the splendour of our world. I depict these beautiful views in my paintings and do my best to do it continuously in a creative way. In the future I will explore even more ways and techniques to express my perception of beauty.” – Sophia Nie 2022