Sofiya Mukhachova – Artist Biography

Sofiya Mukhachova, born in 1979 in Belarus, graduated from the College of Arts in her hometown in 1999. Afterward, Sofiya moved to Minsk, where she studied art and design at the State Academy of Arts and received her BFA degree in 2004. In the following years, Sofiya worked as a Graphic Designer in Moscow, Russia, until she and her family moved to Singapore. There, she discovered her passion for teaching art to young children. This endeavor quickly turned into Sofiya’s passion, and she was recognized as a talented and popular art teacher by the local Russian-speaking community in Singapore. After moving from Singapore to Canada in 2017, Sofiya continued giving art classes to children and started exploring her own artistic style by creating paintings in various forms and mediums. Sofiya is currently based in Richmond, BC, where she lives with her spouse and two daughters, continuing to develop her own visual language by creating beautiful semi-abstract works with an emphasis on the theme of cosmos and the conundrum of subjective reality versus dream state.

索菲亚·穆卡乔娃 – 艺术家简介

索菲娅·穆卡乔娃 (Sofiya Mukhachova) 1979 年出生于白俄罗斯,1999 年毕业于家乡的艺术学院。随后,她移居明斯克,在国家艺术学院学习艺术与设计,并于 2004 年获得学士学位。 接下来的几年里,她在莫斯科担任平面设计师,直到她和家人搬到新加坡。 在那里,她发现了自己对幼儿艺术教育的热情,并很快投入了这一事业,她被新加坡当地俄语社区认尊一位才华横溢且受欢迎的艺术老师。 2017年她从新加坡移居加拿大后,继续从事艺术教育事业,并开始通过创作各种形式和媒介的绘画来探索自己的艺术风格。 索菲亚目前居住在卑诗省列治文市,与她的配偶和两个女儿住在一起,通过创作美丽的半抽象作品继续发展自己的视觉语言,重点关注宇宙主题以及主观现实与梦想状态之间的难题 。


Sofiya Mukhachova – Artist Statement

Why are we in the Universe? In its astonishing vastness where we know so little and mean so less, you feel so helpless but still assuming there is a place where everything is possible. With your thoughts and ideas you can send them as a signal into this black void in hopes for it to materialize and not get drown in eternity. You expect your signal would become a part of the whole and the infinite, where everything is subject to a yet unknown law of being. Where everything bad and terrible loses its meaning and transforms into a pixel, line, beauty and into pure light.

索菲娅·穆卡乔娃 – 艺术家陈述

我们为什么存在于宇宙中? 在其令人惊叹的浩瀚之中,我们所知甚少,意义如此之少,你感到如此无助,但仍然假设有一个地方一切皆有可能。 你可以用你的想法将它们作为信号发送到这个黑色的虚空中,希望它能够实现,而不是被永恒淹没。 你期望你的信号将成为整体和无限的一部分,其中一切都受制于未知的存在法则。 一切糟糕和可怕的事物都失去了意义,转变成像素、线条、美感和纯粹的光。