Sofiya Mukhachova

Sofiya Mukhachova, born in 1979 in Belarus, graduated from the College of Arts in her hometown in 1999. Afterward, Sofiya moved to Minsk, where she studied art and design at the State Academy of Arts and received her BFA degree in 2004. In the following years, Sofiya worked as a Graphic Designer in Moscow, Russia, until she and her family moved to Singapore. There, she discovered her passion for teaching art to young children. This endeavor quickly turned into Sofiya’s passion, and she was recognized as a talented and popular art teacher by the local Russian-speaking community in Singapore. After moving from Singapore to Canada in 2017, Sofiya continued giving art classes to children and started exploring her own artistic style by creating paintings in various forms and mediums. Sofiya is currently based in Richmond, BC, where she lives with her spouse and two daughters, continuing to develop her own visual language by creating beautiful semi-abstract works with an emphasis on the theme of cosmos and the conundrum of subjective reality versus dream state.

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