Shyh-Charng Lo – Biography

Shyh-Charng Lo was born in Japan, raised in Taiwan, and immigrated to Canada in 1974.  He was educated in Anthropology and Archaeology at the National Taiwan University (1970), received his MA at the University of British Columbia (1977) and a Masters of Museum Studies from the University of Toronto (1983).  A self-taught painter, he left a position at the Royal Ontario Museum in 1989 to pursue a career in art.  Since then he has held more than thirty solo exhibitions internationally and published ten catalogues.

Shyh-Charng Lo – Artist Statement

Landscape, perhaps because it is a metaphor of memory and nostalgia, has been my main source of artistic inspiration. Painting mountains and water every day is my dialogue through nature with my inner-sense. I simplify the picture into a composition of only a few basic prototypes to explore the relationship between myself and the environment, describing the quiet, even romantics, and tranquility of the inner world.

By searching for the mysteries of the relationship between the inner emotions and the basic elements of modern art, such as shape, colour, light and so on, an art with consciousness, hope, poetry can be gradually revealed.  Through this series of study, I form my own artistic style.  After all, painting is only the presentation of the artist’s temperament.