Influenced by her favorite writers, science fiction concept artists, film directors and architects, Juliana’s artwork is high on imagination, composition, and detail. She excels at colour and composition. Juliana also moderates an online Instagram community called Discover Prisma where she curates, mentors and teaches principles of design to people all over the world. Juliana draws her inspiration from life, nature, narratives and stories in the literary and digital world. She can be found hidden away in coffee shops observing people and photographing curiosities.


受她最喜欢的作家、科幻概念艺术家、电影导演和建筑师的影响,朱莉安娜的艺术作品具有很高的想象力、构图和细节。她擅长于色彩和构图。朱莉安娜还主持了一个名为 Discover Prisma 的在线 Instagram 社区,她策划、指导和教授设计原则给世界各地的人们。朱莉安娜从文学和数字世界中的生活、自然、叙事和故事中汲取灵感。你会发现她藏在咖啡店里,观察人们和拍摄好奇心。