Fiona Moes Pel

Fiona Moes Pel’s artistic practice is rooted in drawing: the graphite line, the cut line, the soldered line, the collapsing line, the overlapping line. Her artwork is anchored in curiosity around light and time as these phenomena relate to embodied experiences. She is interested in the relationship between the physical and the mystical, the seen and unseen. Central to her work is a consideration of how experiences of the metaphysical can manifest materially. She is currently investigating how we experience, capture and perceive the multidimensionality of time.

Fiona has a Master of Fine Arts (Emily Carr University), a Bachelor of Fine Arts (University of the Fraser Valley), and a Bachelor of Education (Simon Fraser University). She lives with her husband and daughter in Vancouver, BC where she makes and teaches art. Her work has been exhibited and collected both locally and abroad.


Fiona Moes Pel (菲奥娜·莫斯·佩尔) 的艺术实践植根于绘画:铅笔线、切割线、焊接线、折叠线、重叠线。 她的作品以对光和时间的好奇心为基础,因为这些现象与具体体验有关。 她对物质与神秘、可见与不可见之间的关系感兴趣。 她工作的核心是思考形而上学的体验如何在物质上体现出来。 她目前正在研究我们如何体验、捕捉和感知时间的多维性。

Fiona 拥有美术硕士学位(艾米丽卡尔大学)、美术学士学位(菲沙河谷大学)和教育学士学位(西蒙菲沙大学)。 她与丈夫和女儿住在加拿大卑诗省温哥华,在那里她创作和教授艺术。 她的作品曾在国内外展出和收藏。