Anyuta Gusakova was born and raised in the port city of Vladivostok in the Pacific frontier of Soviet Russia. Since early childhood art became her land of freedom, imagination and beauty where she would escape from social restraints. At 14 she graduated from a 4-year classical visual art school for gifted children. While obtaining her BFA in linguistics from a local university, Anyuta spent a few years doing internships with Vladivostok porcelain factories. There she learnt all the processes of ceramic manufacturing. After graduating from the university with an English Translator Diploma, Anyuta moved to Moscow and enrolled into the Stroganov University of Art and Design to focus on classical art forms with major in Sculpture. During that time she worked on numerous commissions including some peculiar ones like sculpting a model for a chocolate Labrador dog for president Putin and so on. That experience gave her invaluable knowledge and upgraded her skill. It also taught her to seek out for her own artistic voice so she could create her own dreams. After graduating art school, Anyuta immigrated to Canada to pursue a path of independent professional artist. Anyuta currently resides in Vancouver BC.

Anyuta Gusakova (阿纽塔·古萨科娃) 在苏俄太平洋边境的港口城市符拉迪沃斯托克 (海参崴) 出生和长大。自从艺术成为她自由、想象力和美丽的向往以来,她摆脱束缚, 14 岁时,她毕业于一所为期 4 年的天才儿童古典视觉艺术学校。在获得当地大学语言学学士学位的同时,她花了几年时间在海参崴的瓷厂实习。在那里,她学习了陶瓷制造的所有过程。大学毕业并获得英语翻译文凭后,Anyuta 移居莫斯科,进入斯特罗加诺夫艺术与设计大学学习雕塑专业,专注于古典艺术形式。在那段时间里,她参与了许多创作,包括一些特殊的订制,比如为普京总统的巧克力拉布拉多犬雕刻模型等等。这段经历给了她宝贵的知识,提升了她的技能,还教会她寻找自己的艺术声音,这样她就可以创造自己的梦想。美术学院毕业后,Anyuta移居加拿大,追求独立专业艺术家的道路。 Anyuta 目前居住加拿大卑诗省温哥华。