Xizhong He

born 1975 in Guangshui, Hubei, China


1999-2002 MFA in Oil Painting, Hubei Institute of Fine Arts

Work Experience

2002-present Associate Professor, Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication

Member of Society of Advanced Art Education, ECPA

Member of Beijing Artists Association

Artist Statement

I pay attention to the current social life and psychological state of people, explore the image art language as much as possible to touch the human thought dimension, and promote the expression and exchange of ideas.

The direction of visual communication design is an interdisciplinary system, and artistic aesthetics and cultivation are the further improvement and promotion of visual system knowledge. The promotion of art accomplishment is the result of extensive contact with existing design thinking and continuous accumulation of self practice. It is an effective way to improve professional knowledge to study the conversion thinking, conditions and methods between reality and art design, cultivate the ability of self discovery and perception, and improve the skills of practical operation.

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