Ode to the Brush Holder (筆格賦)

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Artist: Jiangang Su

Ode to the Brush Holder (筆格賦)

ink on hemp paper
image size: 68 x 28 cm
frame size: 155 x 28cm

The brush holder is for placing calligraphy brushes to prevent the brush from contaminating other items. It is the most indispensable stationery for ancient scholars. (Wen Zhenheng) mentioned that they were made of jade, copper, porcelain and so on. Today, I use a Ge Kiln brush holder. Its shape is like a mountain. The Ge Kiln style is particularly rare. There is a poem in ancient times to describe it: the broken lines are full of valerian veins, but the whole is blue and green. It was considered a defective product in ancient times, but today it is a treasure. I like to paint and record these elegant utensils in my studio.

Seals: ultimate joy, Jiangang’s everlasting joy, ultimate coolness, private seal of Jiangang, Leaf Sweeping Studio, everlasting joy, Gang.




筆格即筆架, 用以置筆以免毛筆污損他物。為古人書案最不可缺之文具。(文震亨)提到其質有玉,銅,瓷等。今以哥窯筆格入畫玩之。其狀如山峰起伏不露斧鑿者為之。其中哥窯筆格尤為珍稀。古有詩云,碎紋紛纈鱔血,全體卻隠螺青。嗟彼古時次品,今為珍玩晨星。文房雅器為吾所好繪以補壁并以記之。

鈐印: 至樂,健剛長樂,無上清凉,健剛私印,掃葉山房,長樂,剛

Jiangang Su (born in 1974), graduated from Changshu Institute of Technology in Arts and Crafts. He specializes in traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy and seal carving. In the 1980s, he studied under Mr. Yan Gongda, a famous calligrapher and seal carver. Su is also an experienced art educator. His works are collected internationally and appear in the private collections of many art institutions and galleries. In 2017 he served as the Art Director of the Canada 150th Anniversary International Tea Festival. Su is a member of Jiangsu Calligraphers Association, the Suzhou Calligraphers Association, and is a senior registered Teacher of China.

Artist interview and more information.

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