Ji Su

Ji Su is a young Canadian illustrator based in Vancouver. She is currently enrolled in the fourth year with a Bachelor of Illustration degree at Emily Carr University of Art+Design. Her works are actively involved in digital illustration and creating conceptual art. In her third year of study, she initiated an in-depth investigation into the subject of “Repair and Therapy”. She employs metaphors to express a variety of psychological states, scrutinizes the characteristics of emotions, and transcends cultural and linguistic barriers to visually portray emotions. Most of her creations are closely related to her interest in the exploration of humanity, psychology, and social issues. She wants to use her wild imagination to prove AI cannot replace art, and also use her illustrations as carriers of artistic language to communicate spiritual and ideological between artists and the public.

Growing up in a family that is deeply rooted in the study of art and seeing her parents creating artworks, She was naturally influenced and inspired by them. Whenever she was holding a paintbrush or any tools to draw, she found solace and fulfillment in herself. After she committed to her desire to use art as a storytelling tool, she started visualizing her ideas and emotions. Her experience of studying at Emily Carr University gave her a firm foundation in knowledge across various possibilities of illustration. She would like to continue to pursue new connections between illustration and life to keep her open-minded and try out different new explorations.

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