Flower Pond 02 (花塘 02)

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Artist: June Yun

Flower Pond 02 (花塘 02)

mixed media on Mylar
24 X 36 inches

The concept of “Poetic Dance of Ink” originated ten years ago from artist June Yun’s idea on an art installation that combines ink, water, dance, music and photography. After years of incubation, this project is now realized with orientalist Dr. Paul Crowe.

June used herself as a model while Paul used multiple and long exposures to photograph the flow of June’s dance movements. Playing with time and fleeting moments, June’s movements were echoed in the dance of black ink in water, which is once again captured photographically. Through these parallel poetic motions, both sets of images became the materials for June to create a series of new multi-layered images.

Poetic Dance of Ink is the first artwork between June Yun and Paul Crowe in exploring their shared aesthetic and interests: water is their theme, dance is her passion. Daoism is his philosophy; ink painting is the root of her art—dreamy mist is their shared aesthetic. The dance, music, painting, ink in water and photography are sublimated and transferred as multimedia images onto Mylar.

In the haze, June puts her images with the images of mountains and flowers floating together in streams.

Dance moves, also poise,
water has form yet lack of form.
A verse within the haze of clouds,
the briefest moments last forever.

She pursuits the poetic and dreamy atmosphere through the dancing ink and body while she composes her poems.
Ink’s energy, Ink’s flow, Ink’s smoothness, Ink’s darkness;
Body’s gentleness, Body’s poise, Body’s gesture, Body’s lightness.

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