Blue Flower 蓝花

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Artist: June Yun

Blue Flower

oil on canvas

30 x 30 inches, 2020

"Have you seen the blue flowers?” a friend were asking me. “Yes, I saw them in the flower shops.” “No, there aren’t any blue flowers in nature, the blue you see on flowers is artificial colouring.” I am not sure if that is true, so I started paying more attention and looking for blue flowers in my surroundings, but I still haven’t found any, so I painted this picture simply because blue is my favourite colour.

“你见过蓝花吗?” 之前有朋友这样问过我,我说“见过,在花店里”。她说:“花没有蓝色的,蓝色的花是人工染的”。真的吗?我到现在也不能确定,于是我就注意观察了周围到底有没有蓝色的花,还真没见到,除了花店里。所以我就画了这幅“蓝花”, 加之蓝色好似我的永恒色。

June Yun was born in China. She lived and studied fine art in the U.K. and received her Master of Fine Arts Degree from University of Newcastle upon Tyne. Since 2002, she has been living and working in Vancouver as a full-time artist. Yun’s work has been exhibited internationally, including solo shows in the U.K., France, China, in venues such as Himalaya Art Museum in Shanghai and Richmond Art Gallery, Banff Centre and Lipont Gallery in Canada. She participated in The Radius Mural and Big Prints public art projects in Vancouver and received several art awards from Europe, Canada and China.

Spring Series 2021
by June Yun

With brilliant colours, the lonely and poetic life has continued through two consecutive spring seasons. Time flies, like a dream, yet the flowers are still blooming quietly. Because of the epidemic, the world seemed to have pressed the pause button, and it seemed that the sudden braking awoke me from the gray-blue “water” (Water that has been the subject of my painting for nearly ten years.) I began to see and respond to flowers, pink, purple, and yellow colours. Maybe flowers are not what they seem. I am painting quietly as usual, but it seems that I really cannot paint anymore, in other words, painting is not the painting as usual anymore. Painting has become less rational and more intuitive, unintentional, and “speechless”. Painting does not require any concepts, meanings, or techniques, but rather just a wordless process. -June Yun, Spring 2021

Artist interview and more information.

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