A Tree’s Dream

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Alice Cao

A Tree’s Dream

acrylic on raw canvas

36 x 24 inches (91 x 61 cm)


A Tree’s Dream

The tree,

in its consciousness,

discovers an open door.

In the hallway

He finds different seasons out of sequence,

a young child

blown over by a storm,

a midnight garden

sobbing in a hidden corner

struck by ordinary time.

The grandfather’s clock

Only ticks on Saturdays

To his utter astonishment,

the present vanishes

Yesterday goes on living forever

Alice Cao - Biography

Alice Cao is an interdisciplinary artist, illustrator, and educator from Surrey, Canada. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design and a Bachelor of Education (in Visual Arts) from UBC. Her work ranges from whimsical children’s illustrations and surreal paintings to dreamlike sculptures and film photography.

She is inspired by her imaginative daydreams, nature walks, poems, stories, and dream journals she has written throughout the years. Alice is experimental and playful in her approach and enjoys working with a variety of mediums to discover new ways of thinking and making. She is particularly interested in watercolour due to its beautiful unpredictability and the lively ways that it moves and interacts with each other, which allows her to explore the tug-of-war between conscious control and manipulation and the act of letting feelings and intuition take over, between the comfort of predictability and the discomfort of the unknown. Alice would compare her artistic process to the way she writes a poem: There are no instructions or steps; the work unfolds and expands as it goes, like a story coming to life.

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