December 16 – 18, 2020

The exhibition features twenty-two exquisite Tibetan Thangkas created by Master Chi Zeng Rao Dan, Master Neng Ben Cai Rang, and Himalayan folk painters. The collection will be exhibited in its wholeness, which is a rare opportunity for Metro Vancouver audiences. The offline exhibition will take place from Dec 16 to 18 at Lipont Gallery. The virtual exhibition and online auction will start on Dec 16 on the YKLM Auctions mobile app.

Lipont Gallery is representing the collection on behalf of collector Mr. Ga Rang Deng Zhen, who is a successful Chinese musician of Tibetan descent. He has been fervently researching and collecting Thangkas since 2000. Out of his love for Tibetan art and his expertise in his native Tibetan culture, he has built a deep bond with many contemporary Thangka masters, which gave him the opportunity to collect Thangkas of the highest quality. He is exhibiting the twenty-two Thangkas out of his precious collection to promote this ancient art, to form good ties with audiences and to sow the seed of good fortune.

“Thangka is a colour scroll painted on cloth, leather or paper with gold, silver and natural gemstone mineral pigments, or embroidered on silk. Its style is not only different from oil paintings, but also different from traditional Chinese paintings. The composition is mainly based on plane perspective and focused on smooth lines and rich colours. Its rigorous process of making can be categorized as traditional Chinese gongbi style. The origin of Thangka can be traced back to the cave paintings of the Neolithic Age. Images like Thangka can be seen on the cave paintings found in Ali, Nagqu, Yushu, Qinghai and other places.” – text provided by the collector