Grand Long Holding Canada Ltd. presents



Venue: Lipont Place, 4211 No. 3 Road Richmond BC Canada V6X 2C3

Opening Ceremony

Sunday July 28th 2019 4:00pm


July 28 – August 2, 2019

Organized by Grand Long Holding Canada Ltd., The Soul of Ink Exhibition will showcase over eighty scrolls of Mr. Qiaofu’s traditional Chinese calligraphy and Chinese ink paintings. 

Qiaofu, literally translated as woodcutter, signs his calligraphy works with the pen name instead of his real name. He proposes that “calligraphy alone suffices to recognize a person” quoting the preface written by Liu Jiang in the Calligraphy Collection of Qiaofu. Born into a literati family, Qiaofu developed an indissoluble bond with calligraphy since childhood. He was profoundly influenced by his family members, such as his grandfather Wu Gan, who was a famous calligrapher in the late Qing Dynasty (1644-1912). Qiaofu’s practice in calligraphy started from inscriptions on steles and bamboo tablets. The classics of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism are also embodied in his work.

Qiaofu advocates and respects the great philosophy of “the principle of Tao follows nature” and “Tao is not far from anybody.” In his own words, calligraphy should avoid being too “intentional, willful or crafty”, and “good Chinese characters in calligraphy are those free from any affectation and follow nature, while good art forms are those free from ornaments and good at describing things and touching people’s souls”. With these concepts, he tries to express these ideas through his work and wins extensive recognition and praise from renowned calligraphers at home and abroad. In the past decade, his calligraphy received recognition in China, Japan, USA, and France.

The exhibition opens from July 28 until August 2 at Lipont Place in Richmond.