Exhibition: Art by Ge Li

July 8 -10, 2017

Exhibition was organized by Global Chinese Photography Association

A walk in search of great wisdom, an experience of self-cultivation

A creation of unique characteristics, an exhibition of cultural integration

“Original Heart”—-Transcend the Image, and See Your Heart

Artist: Li Ge

Features of the Work:
Titled “Original Heart”, this work is the first to ingeniously integrate multiple art forms including photography, writing, seal cutting, and handmade Xuan paper, thus forming a transboundary art work of a unique style. The author has made every effort to afford every detail of the work an explicit cultural attribute and a collection value.

Exclusive Exposure: In terms of photography, by means of the image expression highly infiltrated with the spirit of Zen, the author exclusively lifts the mysterious veil of in Taiwan and Fo Guang Shan.

Unique Writing: In terms of writing, the author follows his own unique way of writing with the left-hand to present the wise words of Grand Master Hsing Yun.

Original Creation: In terms of material selection, the author chooses the world-class cultural heritage—Xuan Paper purely handmade by the Red Star Factory, a time-honored Xuan Paper factory in Jing County, China, with the ancient paper-making method. Working together with the heir to this Intangible Cultural Heritage, the author further creates proprietary paper that can be applied to both photo printing and calligraphy writing, with which he further creates new-type limited-edition art works.

Sole Work: In terms of work presentation, every paper is authenticated by watermarking. All the photos are printed and manually mounted before the author writes calligraphy with his left hand, stamp with the serial number and sign his name on them. In this way, the singleness of each work will be guaranteed.

Every time LI GE was on the mountain, LI GE seldom rested and spent lots of time walking and feeling. At that time, photography was not a worldly act any more—rather, it became a way of mind-cultivation.

In recent years, li Ge has been invited for several times to shoot photos in Fo Guang Shan in Taiwan, a world-famous Bodhimanda established by Grand Master Hsing Yun. Since its opening in 1966, this mountain has barely allowed any professional photographer for any in-depth photo-shooting, and it is really exceptional for them to allow him to have exclusive, systematic photography.

Photography is like an enlightenment of the wisdom. Through it, LI GE quietly observe the world, sincerely exchange emotions, genuinely feel the gratitude and thoroughly taste the happiness. Perhaps it is just like what Grand Master Hsing Yun once said: In a photograph one should be able to see the heart.

In the travel to Fo Guang Shan, LI GE have tried to express the peace and anxiety of the mind through the authentic image in a simple and unadorned style. According to a veteran artist, techniques matter no more when you have shot enough photos; and when you shoot more, you will find art matters no more either. What matters then? It is “Image that follows the heart”. Left-handed calligraphy and seal cutting are other ways for me to seek a peaceful mind. A person with a peaceful heart mostly sticks to his own spiritual pursuits, for faith can warm people and make them strong. Having the ink flow out of the tip of the pen like the smooth flow of my mind, LI GE translate the words of wisdom remarked by Grand Master Hsing Yun into the images that are the best expression of my original heart.

一段寻找智慧的行走 一次修心修性的体验

一种独具特色的创作 一场文化融合的展览

《初心》——跨越影像 照见内心












Li Ge, Chairman of China photographers Society; Director of the Photography Department and Senior Journalist, People’s Daily.

Judge of various award panels including the Golden Statue Award for China Photography, National Exhibition of Chinese Art Photography, China News Award, China International Press Photo Contest, etc.

Personal experience in multitudes of big events, either exultant or tragic, in China in the past two decades

Winner of multiple awards including Golden Statue Award for China Photography, China News Award, Award of China International Press Photo Contest, Golden Eyes Prize of Chinese News Photographers, China News Photography “Golden Lens Award”, Gold Collection Award of Olympic Sports Photography Works

His honorable titles including National May Day Labor Medalist, National Virtuous and Skillful Art Worker, Outstanding Professional and Technical Expert of Chinese Central Government Organs, Top 10 Youth Photojournalist in China, Top 10 Fashion Photographer in China, and Top 10 Outstanding Youth of People’s Daily





被授予 “全国五一劳动奖章”、“全国德艺双馨文艺工作者”、 “中央国家机关优秀专业技术能手”、 “全国十佳青年摄影记者”“全国十大时装摄影师”和人民日报 “十大杰出青年”等称号。