Yang Zhengxin 杨正新, calligraphy couplet 对联, ink on paper 纸本水墨 2018

Yang Zhengxin – Artist Biography

Yang Zhengxin, also known as Ye He, was born in 1942 in Shanghai. In 1958, he became an apprentice to Jiang Hanting. He graduated from the Painting Class of the Secondary Department of the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts in 1961 and from the Chinese Painting Department of the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts in 1965. He then joined the Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy, engaging in Chinese painting creation and research to this day. He is currently a painter at the Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy, a National First-Class Artist, a member of the China Artists Association, an executive director of the Shanghai Artists Association, a member of the Chinese Painting Art Committee, the deputy director of the Siyuan Calligraphy and Painting Research Institute at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and a part-time professor at the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai University.

His works have been selected for exhibitions in the United States, France, Japan, and other countries, and he has held solo exhibitions at the Shanghai Art Museum, as well as in Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia. The People’s Fine Arts Publishing House has published “Collection of Paintings by Modern Chinese Masters – Yang Zhengxin” among other works.

Yang Zhengxin has traveled and lived for many years in Australia, Canada, and various European countries. The freedom, diversity, and forms of Western modern painting have greatly stimulated his artistic inspiration. In his creations, he focuses on integrating Eastern and Western art and modernizing traditional language. He merges Western modern concepts of composition and color into his ink painting practice and emphasizes exploring the true spirit of Chinese aesthetics through new ink practices, especially in brush and ink experiments. Traditional brush and ink charm, modern form expression, and contemporary aesthetic interests naturally blend in Yang Zhengxin’s paintings, creating a unique ink world full of vibrant colors and dynamic spirit.

杨正新 – 艺术家简介