Xi Yu (于茜) – Artist Biography

“I was born and raised in Shanghai, China. I started full time painting and drawing when I was 14 years old. I left China when I was 17 to explore the world. I studied in New Zealand for a year, and I stayed in Greece for another 6 months before I moved to Canada. In 2009, I received my Fine Art degree from Emily Carr University major in Visual Art.

After having my first child, I started teaching children art. Children are so brave with their art, I am often inspired by their art.”

于茜 – 艺术家简介

“我在中国上海出生和长大。 我 14 岁时开始全职绘画。 我17岁时离开中国去探索世界,在新西兰学习了一年,在希腊游学了六个月,然后移居到了加拿大。 2009年,我获得了温哥华艾米丽卡尔大学视觉艺术专业的学位。

有了第一个孩子后,我开始教孩子们艺术。 孩子们对他们的艺术非常勇敢,我经常受到他们的艺术的启发。”


Xi Yu – Artist Statement

When I make my paintings, I often like to express my present emotions or feelings at that time period. I think art is a form from our daily life. My art works narrate little stories of mine, depict meaningful moments in the life, state culture and food from my hometown. I pick gestures, figures, scenes or objects which are directly speak for my needs or thoughts. My goal of painting is to resonate with those audiences who has the similar feelings, emotions and life experiences.

于茜 – 艺术家陈述

当我画画的时候,我常常喜欢表达我当时的当下的情绪或感受。我认为艺术是我们日常生活的一种形式。我的艺术作品讲述了我的小故事,描绘了生活中有意义的时刻、文化和家乡的美食。我选择能直接表达我的需求或想法的手姿态、人物、场景或物体。 我绘画的目标是与那些有相似感受、情感和生活经历的观众产生共鸣。


BFA Visual Art Emily Carr University of Sept 2007 ~ June2009
Art and Design — Majored in Visual Arts, Vancouver, B.C

GIA Essentials Certificate March 2012

GIA Diamonds and Diamond Grading Certificate April 2013



Art in Action July 2009
Chinatown Arts and Cultural Festival 2009
Paintings “Stretching Postures”

East Fridays July 2009
Enterprising Women Making Art
Paintings “Chinese Breakfast”, Drawing “Untitled” & Intaglio prints “Cigarettes”,“Ant” & “Untitled”


艾米丽·卡尔大学 视觉艺术学士 2007 年 9 月 ~ 2009 年 6 月

GIA 基础证书 2012 年 3 月

GIA 钻石和钻石分级证书 2013 年 4 月



艺术在行动 2009 年 7 月

2009 年 7 月东部星期五