In Search for Spiritual Home

Art by Wu Yang

Produced by FEIART

Curator: Jingya Shen


Exhibition: March 22 – April 28, 2023

Mon – Fri 10 – 5, Tue until 8pm (Closed on April 7th Good Friday Holiday)


Since prehistoric times, stone has always been used as an important material for art, while  patterns and motifs carved on stone and pottery have been seen as fundamental art forms in every civilization of mankind.

In ancient Egypt and China, the employment of decorative patterns and symbols in stone carvings and ceramics occupied an even more important place within this time.

Religious and royal symbols and motifs carved in stone were also widely used in art in Europe’s medieval period.

During the European Renaissance, stone carvings were widely used in architecture and sculpture. Paintings using stone as the subject matter also appeared during this time.

Wu Yang’s creative approach is a continuation and development of this tradition.

In Wu Yang’s works, stones are wrapped in floral-patterned cloth, which present a unique visual distinction within its images. This technique reflects the artist’s sensitivity and exploration of materials and forms, while also conveying a cultural and symbolic meaning. The floral-patterned textiles can be interpreted as a symbol of softness and compassionate warmth in this expression and forms a strong contrast to the hard cold material wrapped within its nurturing embrace that further conveys tension between strength and tenderness, toughness and sympathy.

Wu Yang’s series of works draw from the deep roots of art history and embody a form of modernist art. Through her works, we can appreciate her use of stone as a rustic and unrelenting material. Wu Yang’s works form a unique artistic expression through the reinterpretation of traditional art forms and the continuation and development of contemporary women’s art. The combination of stone and floral-patterned textiles within her works conveys a special cultural and symbolic meaning, and also shows the creative exploration of materials and forms by female artists.

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策展:Jingya Shen



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Wu Yang – Artist Biography

Wu Yang has traversed three successful careers to arrive at her place in front of the canvas conjuring paintings that exude a dreamy surrealism from the softly patterned fabrics that drape around a stone set in remote landscapes. Graduated from the prestigious Central Academy of Arts & Design (CAAD), Wu Yang had studied textile and fashion design in both Beijing and London, UK, before starting out as a textile designer and then quickly excelling to branch out and establish a fashion company with her own fashion brand in 1996. She later returned to CAAD as a faculty member, and served for several years as a visiting professor at the Art Academy in Renmin University before leaving in 2005 to venture into drawing illustrations for publications and children’s books until 2018. Her love of patterned fabrics would always stay with her, however, and images of patterned fabrics would show up as the focal point in each of her surreal landscape paintings in luscious pastel or oil mediums when she made the leap to become a full-time artist and launch her first exhibition with other female artists in Vancouver in 2007. In her recent solo exhibition, Icarus Island, the soft splendour of the fabric combined with the stark simplicity of the quartz stones are not contradictory in Wu Yang’s work, but rather complementary as the hard surface and the silky softness of the two textures convey a balance of power and beauty that is dreamlike within the quartz and cloth union.

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