Wu Yang – Artist Biography

Wu Yang is a designer, painter and picture book artist and illustrator. Graduated from Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts in 1988 and stayed at the school to teach. In 1991, she studied fashion design in the UK and worked as a designer for a local fashion company. In 2000, she taught at the School of Art of Renmin University of China and was engaged in the creation of picture books and illustrations. She came to Canada in 2006 and began to focus on painting. Her works have been exhibited in art exhibitions in Canada and around the world.

吴洋 – 简介



The series of works “Hello, Mom” pays deep attention to the social role of “mother”. Stones and abstract human figures are used to blend and entangle with each other, forming a surrealist style in a literary sense. The title “Mom” not only represents “love” and “dedication”, but also implies helplessness, restraint, and even struggle… I hope that every mother can see her own reflection in the work. The works contain the secret feelings and orientations of female artists. At the same time, the relationship between works and design is also a creative feature of the author.