Ke Wu 吴可, Sitting Alone 独坐, ink on paper 纸本水墨, 96 x 21 cm, 2020

Wu Ke – Artist Biography

Wu Ke (original name Wu Jun), also known as the owner of Yiliang Mountain Residence and Wen Song Cao Tang, was born in 1969 in Shanghai. He began studying Chinese painting in 1986 and graduated from the Art Department of East China Normal University. He is a member of the Jiusan Society and a cooperative graduate advisor at Shandong Normal University.

Wu Ke’s paintings aim to reflect on the ancient masters, finding expression through playful ink techniques. His works feature a harmonious balance between the simplicity of distant mountain forms and the intricate brushwork of close-up scenes. In Shanghai’s art scene, known for its meticulous and subtle style, Wu Ke’s paintings stand out for their grandeur and freedom. His approach to ink painting lies between the active and passive realms, incorporating his personal interests rather than merely copying traditional methods. His compositions evoke a sense of familiar strangeness. Wu Ke often creates long scrolls and vertical strips, with the horizontal scrolls portraying expansive landscapes reminiscent of Shanghai’s rivers and bustling streets, and the vertical strips reflecting the city’s towering buildings. These high-rises fragment the city’s scenery and highways disrupt connections between people and nature. In modern Shanghai, one no longer sees the freshness of the Hai Shang School or the tranquility of the Songjiang School. Wu Ke’s work, rooted in traditional methods and expansive horizontal compositions, contrasts with the cityscape, evoking memories of past visual experiences.


Solo Exhibitions

– December 2014 (Jiangsu Art Museum)

– September 2015 (Zhejiang Art Museum)

– September 2017 (University of the Arts London)

– September 2017 (Palais de l’Industrie, Paris, France)


Publications and Other Exhibitions

– 2008 “Contemporary Chinese Artists – Wu Ke”

– 2014 “Wu Ke Landscape Painting Collection”

– 2015 “Cangshan Runshui – Selected Landscape Paintings of Wu Ke”

– November 2015, interviewed on “Art Transmitting the World” on the Central Calligraphy and Painting Channel

– 2017 “Wu Ke Landscape Painting Collection”

– Participated in “High Mountains and Flowing Water” Chinese Landscape Painting Exhibition (1st and 2nd editions) at Nanjing Art Museum in 2014 and 2017

– Participated in the “French International Art Salon” at the Louvre in 2017 and other exhibitions both domestically and internationally



His works are collected by institutions such as the Nanjing Art Museum, Jiangsu Art Museum, Zhejiang Art Museum, and Art Newspaper. 

In recent years, his works have continued to be active on the international stage and are collected by the French National Art Association, the Collection Department of the Palais de l’Industrie, the Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts in the UK, the I.M. Pei Arts Foundation in the USA, and notable architect and collector Roberto Baciocchi in Italy, among others.


吴可 – 艺术家简介


吴可(原名吴军)一两山水居、问松草堂主人,1969年生于上海。1986 年从师学习中国画,华东师范大学美术专业毕业。九三学社社员,山东师范大学研究生合作导师。











2014 年《吴可山水画作品集》




2014 年 、2017年分别参展“高山流水”中国山水画展(1、2回)(南艺美术馆)