Zimo Wang 王子墨, Kindness 宽仁, ink on paper 纸本水墨, 36 x 21 cm
Zimo Wang 王子墨, Kindness 宽仁, ink on paper 纸本水墨, 36 x 21 cm

Wang Zimo – Artist Biography

Wang Zimo, born in 1971 in Shanghai, with the courtesy name Chaoran, is a professional artist. He graduated from the Chinese Department of Shanghai Normal University in 1994.

He studied under renowned calligraphers Huang Ruzhou, Liu Xiaoqing, and Liu Yiwen. His works are celebrated for their elegant, graceful, ancient, and serene aesthetic. His pieces have been frequently selected for national calligraphy exhibitions.

His works have been included in the “Second National Newcomers Exhibition Collection” and the “National Collection of Works by Middle-aged and Young Calligraphers.” He has also published “Aesthetics.”

His works are held in the collections of institutions such as HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, Long Museum, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, and Central Saint Martins.

王子墨 – 艺术家简介