Wang Pinkang 王品康, Landscape 山水, Ink and colour on paper 纸本设色, 98 x 45 cm, 2017
Wang Pinkang 王品康, Landscape 山水, Ink and colour on paper 纸本设色, 98 x 45 cm, 2017

Wang Pinkang – Artist Biography

Wang Pinkang, born in 1944 in Shanghai, has dedicated several decades to his artistic career. He is known for his modesty and low profile, often referred to as the “Hermit of the Art World.” Proficient in both calligraphy and painting, his style inherits the elegance of the Song Dynasty and the charm of the Yuan Dynasty. He excels in both meticulous and freehand techniques, particularly noted for his hand scrolls and large-scale landscape paintings imbued with a strong scholarly atmosphere. His artworks are characterized by their graceful and elegant brushwork, bright and clear compositions, high artistic standards, harmonious balance of emptiness and solidity, serene and ethereal quality, and unique charm.

In 1997, he held a solo exhibition of long landscape scrolls in Los Angeles, USA, which was highly acclaimed. He has also authored the paper “A Brief Discussion on Tang and Song Dynasty Murals,” offering unique insights and has conducted in-depth research on Five Dynasties and Northern Song Dynasty landscape paintings. His representative work “View of the Sea from Yanshan” is part of the collection at the Great Hall of the People.

王品康 – 艺术家简介


Wang Pinkang's masterpiece "Viewing the Sea from Yanshan" was collected by the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China. 代表作《雁山观海图》被人民大会堂收藏